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  1. Doubt any big waves of acceptances would be coming but I’m assuming they’ll still be doing rolling admissions. Keep in mind UOttawa hasn’t even gone through all the applications yet
  2. I’m starting to look at back up options in case I don’t get in this year and I’m in need of advice. I’m planning on retaking the LSAT in July and then again in September if needed. I’m considering going back to school and finishing my second degree (7 courses left) or I could try and find a job for a year while waiting for next cycle. I’m a little concerned about how universities will view these marks but also want to give myself the best possible experience during the next year. Really conflicted at what to do? Anyone who applied twice have any advice?
  3. Still pending review as of March 15th. Seeing waitlisted people getting accepted Is giving me serious anxiety about my status
  4. Yep. Same here and no changes at all since November
  5. Thanks everyone for their responses! They’ve been really helpful
  6. For those that didn’t get accepted the first time around, did you use the same references for you LOR? How much did your PS change and in what capacity? Thanks in advance!
  7. I’d be so surprised if they actually filled up all the seats already without looking at all the applications. Surely it’s not actually full?
  8. I was scoring 165+ consistently on my prep tests and got really nervous during the exam and knew it wasn’t going well. I should have take the January LSAT but oh well. Applied to Osgoode, Queens, Ottawa and Windsor. Excellent EC’s and LOR’s. Top choice is Ottawa and have connections to the city and my PS mentioned that as well. Chances??
  9. Just checked and mine is completely gone too. Maybe this is a good sign?
  10. I noticed that my status changed from “Referred for Review” to “Pending Review”. Anyone else get this as well? It seems from the previous years, pending review is not much different unfortunately but I’m not sure
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