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  1. Thanks for the input! This comment has definitely set me spinning towards Canada. You mention that I should be able to practice anywhere in Canada. Do you happen to know if it's common for IP lawyers to article in a difference province than their schooling? Hypothetically, if I were to study in Ottawa or even Dalhousie (these are my top two choices in Canada) would it be common or even possible to attain a position in an IP firm in British Columbia? Thanks so much!
  2. Hey! I read through your discussion with @Trew and I really appreciate both of your input! I want to extrapolate a little on my thoughts and ambition. I believe the United States have a larger job market for medical technology and tech start-up businesses seeking professional help. I would also enjoy living in the West or mid-Western United States. If Santa Clara does not quite reach a standard that employers will recognize, then what schools in the States can I trust? The better schools in the states I'm considering are not T-14 schools, but they are ranked much higher than Santa Clara. The three in particular are: Denver Sturm College of Law, University of Colorado Boulder Law, and Loyola Marymont Law in California. Is it reasonable to choose one of these schools? Or is it still incomparable to studying law in Canada? I'm also fearful that if I study in Canada I won't reach my goal of becoming a professional consultant practicing intellectual property law for novel medical technologies. This may be an irrational fear of mine, but I imagine myself having much more of a difficult time succeeded in IP law while being surrounded by more opportunity in corporate law here in Canada. Let me know your thoughts! I apologize if I'm coming off as completely irrational!
  3. Thank you! This has been the most informative response, thus useful for my decision. I really can't explain how thankful I am for the time you put in to help me out. Many people on this forum write about hidden conditions which will remove my subsequent semester full tuition scholarships. However, the only condition on my email states that I must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.9, which seems incredibly low. Do you think there may be actual malicious hidden conditions? I'm striving to use my Masters of Science in Anatomical sciences as gateway into becoming a professional consultant in intellectual property law for start-up medical tech companies. For this reason I've heard the West coast has the most opportunity for an individual with my goals. Especially since Santa Clara is near Silicon Valley. I've only been accepted to Western law school in Canada so far, but I feel as though I'll have less opportunity here in Canada, and pushed more towards corporate law, which I'm not sure I want to do. I'd really appreciate more input on this if you have the time! This conversation has definitely pushed me more towards Canada, but I'm still lingering on the fence. It's going to be a tough month of research and contemplation. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, thanks for the responses! The school is not a super well rated school. The school is around 120 in US law schools. However, when I looked up top rated Intellectual Property law schools in the States this school is rated number 6 overall. Santa Clara. It also has a Tech Edge program which seems like a perfect fit for me since I would like to work in Intellectual Property. I have a Masters of Science and I would like to use my skilled qualities in law to be a prominent consultant for individuals and businesses seeking to bring their products to fruition. I would like to move to and live in California if I am to go to school there, so returning to Canada is not an issue for me. Also, I think California may be beneficial because of the saturation of tech start-ups which may provide tons of business and opportunities for someone in my position. Let me know your thoughts on this and if this school would be worth considering over Canadian law schools.
  5. Hi, I've applied all over Ontario and to 6 schools in the United States for JD programs starting this fall. I've been accepted to a few of the Ontario schools and most of the American schools to date. I don't mind where I live and start a family in the future. What I would like is to study IP law and accumulate as little debt as possible because I don't have a great deal of savings due to my undergraduate expenses. When I look at tuition cost for an Ontario school, such as Western, it amounts to over 22,000.00 plus additional living expenses. However, I've been offered a full tuition scholarship to a University in the United States that has a relatively good IP law program as well. Obviously living expenses will be expensive, but I think it would be cheaper for me to study there. It's also an enticing offer, as I would love to live in California. The pertinent question on my mind now is 'how much more difficult is it to stay in the United States following law school? Is it difficult to article and subsequently practice law as a Canadian citizen living in the States? Is there a chance I'll graduate and I won't be granted a work visa, thus sent home to Canada unable to practice/article?' I would love some experienced advice on this subject. Excuse my naiveté as I haven't been able to find much useful information.
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