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  1. Fair enough. I lived by myself during undergrad, and I personally like the place I'm at better now and I have more money to spend on stuff I need. Spending $1000+ a month on rent to go with law school is more than I can stomach. The only other option I seriously considered was renting a two-bedroom at Assiniboine and finding someone to rent out the second room, which would bring down the expense to about $630 give or take.
  2. I meant renting a room off campus rather than an apartment on residence. I don't really need a whole place by myself. A bachelor at OC is over $1000 a month. You can find a private room with private washroom for as low as $650 depending on the landlord. While it's not necessarily right across the street from campus, many are within a 5-10 minute walk away.
  3. I'm renting off campus. It's cheaper.
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