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  1. Thanks, Mate! That was super helpful. I really appreciate it, as I'm sure others do as well.
  2. How do we know what books to buy used or from the store? Just based on if it's a recent edition or not? Are there certain types of books (I assume case books are like this) that it's less or more advisable to buy used or new?
  3. Do you have a link for the page where upper years sell their old text books? Hoping not to spend $1000 on books my first year.
  4. Selling my Powerscore study set. 8 books in total. Looking for $120 for the lot. Willing to throw in preptests 72-80, 84, 85 for an extra $15.
  5. Fair enough. I lived by myself during undergrad, and I personally like the place I'm at better now and I have more money to spend on stuff I need. Spending $1000+ a month on rent to go with law school is more than I can stomach. The only other option I seriously considered was renting a two-bedroom at Assiniboine and finding someone to rent out the second room, which would bring down the expense to about $630 give or take.
  6. I meant renting a room off campus rather than an apartment on residence. I don't really need a whole place by myself. A bachelor at OC is over $1000 a month. You can find a private room with private washroom for as low as $650 depending on the landlord. While it's not necessarily right across the street from campus, many are within a 5-10 minute walk away.
  7. I'm renting off campus. It's cheaper.
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