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  1. congrats! Did you get a call or email?
  2. Spoke with Leanne today, she said there will be an update tomorrow. She is working on them!
  3. Oh interesting, did you apply for a transfer for 2L? No, I haven't heard of any movements. I also haven't spoken to Leanne in a while. She is away from the office right now, so when she is back I'm going to give her a call.
  4. Ya, I completely agree. If you don't mind me asking, what are your stats and when were you waitlisted?
  5. I honestly think we wont hear anything until late August when tuition is due. I personally know two people who have put deposits for TRU but were later accepted off waitlist for another school that they will now be attending. However, neither have told TRU their decision yet.
  6. If you don't mind sharing, what are your stats?
  7. I had no idea they would be doing that so early on... was this through email or phone? Really sorry! Best of luck with any other on-going applications you may have!
  8. Yeah, it is so hard waiting! I think we may see some movement soon, it seems as if UVIC is starting to accept people of the waitlist. Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone
  9. I personally know one person that had paid their deposit for TRU but has decided to go to another school now. I am not sure if they have contacted Leanne to let her know or how long the whole process will take... but that’s one person on the waitlist that will get in!
  10. Did she give you a rating?
  11. Does anyone have any updates at all? I know some other schools have started accepting people off the waitlist! The wait sucks
  12. May 8th is the deadline for the people who received offers on Wednesday. Also, I was told I would hear back before August as well.
  13. Waitlisted as well LSAT: 149 L2 - 3.83
  14. Yeah, I was under the impression they were going to send out a few offers today. I don't think the admission process is following last years trend at all. From my understanding, they have many more applicants this year and are extremely behind. It is also difficult to tell what kind of stats are being accepted, as they range quite a bit due to the holistic process. There are also no posts on this forum about what rejection trends are for previous years!
  15. Has anyone heard anything? The wait is awful.
  16. When the dean of TRU visited my uni to speak about TRU Law he was hesitant to say exactly how the scores are calculated. He stated its roughly 60% GPA (L2) and 40% LSAT; however, since they are such a holistic school that doesn't really mean much. Your LOR and EC's can play a significant role in whether or not you are admitted to the program.
  17. Thank you for sharing! If you don't mind me asking, when were you accepted?
  18. U of C is a great school. I have friends from Vancouver who got into TRU and chose to go there instead. They are doing really great and do not regret their decision.
  19. Are you a BC Resident and do you plan on working in BC? Just based off of friends who have graduated and landed jobs, my understandings is if you are planning to stay and work in BC it is better to attend a law school in BC and vice versa with the other provinces. This is just one perspective though!
  20. I called yesterday and I was originally told the end of Feb. but she said with the holistic application process it is just taking a little longer. Applications are processed as bunches (I am not sure how they determine those "bunches"). She gave me a new estimate of mid-late March
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