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  1. I did not follow up (nor did I receive an email to say that my application was complete) -- I simply watched the tracker to ensure everything had arrived in a timely manner. I was accepted a few weeks after everything arrived. Good luck to you both!
  2. Just for reference, I just checked DAL Online and my status still reads: "Written notification to follow." I guess they're early in the acceptance cycle and have not yet updated the online system. The email I received was from Rose -- she informed me of my acceptance and told me that I'd receive my official letter by the end of the week. Again, hope this helps.
  3. Thank you SO MUCH! I know my account said "written notification to follow" for quite some time, but I hadn't checked in recent days and, thus, cannot comment on "under review" etc... Sorry if this isn't helpful. Fingers are crossed for you!
  4. Just received the email. Absolutely over the moon and very thankful! 4.0 on a 4.0 scale (without drops)/157 LSAT (one write)/lots of extra-curriculars/NL resident with no connection to NS. I applied in mid-September. Good luck to everybody else!
  5. Thank you guys! Best of luck in the admissions cycle.
  6. Received my email (and scholarship guarantee) this afternoon -- absolutely ecstatic and shocked; this is very much a dream come true! 4.0 on a 4.0 scale (without drops)/157 LSAT (one write)/lots of extra-curriculars/NL resident with no connection to NB. I applied in mid-September. Good luck to everybody else!
  7. Hi, all! I feel as though I've checked this forum every second day since Sept. 2019; this year it will (finally) be my turn to apply, and I am wondering if anybody knows when the portal will be open to do so? Cheers, and congrats to the class of 2023! mod edit: @LegallyBrunetteNL is specifically interested in UNB, Dalhousie, and the University of Calgary. -WJ
  8. Thank you all very much. Hoping to take the LSAT again in July. Best of luck to you all!
  9. Hi there -- Wondering what is considered "strong" as far as ECs go... I've always felt as though I have strong ECs, but I am wondering what you all consider to be so. I've volunteered with my local Public Legal Information Association, been president of my undergraduate student societies (for both majors), among some other not-for-profit work. I've also worked as a writing tutor at my university, at a couple long-term retail gigs, and have spent summers working for my provincial government and as a tour guide in my local legislative assembly. Further, I have been a panelist and moderator at several on-campus events and have won a few scholarships. My GPA is ~3.9/4.0, cumulatively, and I got a 157 on my first LSAT attempt. I am looking to re-write during the July sitting. What do you think my chances are like? Are these "strong" ECs? Where should I be applying, based on my stats? Thanks a million. Cheers!
  10. This is amazing advice. Thank you so much - I really appreciate it. :)
  11. This is great advice. I think I'll rewrite the June LSAT. Thank you very much! Cheers!
  12. I am very interested in UNB. Thinking I'll apply there, and to two other schools. Would be nice to be close to home! Thanks for your quick response.
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