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  1. Did you ask to be placed on the waitlist just recently? I think you might be the first one to get a response/confirmation about being placed on the waitlist.
  2. Just today? Did they say anything else?
  3. Is it possible they are going to release the rankings, but they're just waiting to confirm who wants to be put on the list first?
  4. If you look at past topics in this forum, it appears some do accepted off the waitlist. However, it seems to vary a lot each year. I think one year looked like they went through 30 people (either they were offered a spot or were asked to be taken off). Some waitlists go through only 3 or 4 people. Some waitlists can be quite long too. I have to say I'm surprised by how early the waitlist went out this year. I had heard it goes out after the holistic.. but I think we are ranked holistically so idk..
  5. I think I'm going to have to retake the LSAT this year. I got a 156 on my first try last year but I wanna get at least a 160 which I think is possible on the July test. Are there any good tutors or courses anyone would reccomend in Edmonton that helped you?
  6. Hi there, I wrote the lsat in November and got a 156 while taking full time classes and only studying here and there. I want to improve my score and take the test in July bc I guess you can cancel your score. If I take half of May, half of July and all of June to study, will this be enough? Also, I had a book before and some practice tests - I had just done those before in the fall. Any ideas for good prep?
  7. I B2 I believe is 3.6. It is consecutive? I did coop for a few semesters in between my studies too.
  8. It says that some people during July will have to take the paper test and some will take the digital. If I am one if the people who gets the paper instead of the digital, can I still cancel the score?
  9. Alberta. I have no strong ties to u of s
  10. Like it says above. Is there any chance I could accepted at U of S? I have a 156 score and 3.6 gpa
  11. About the same in practice, but I was incredibly stressed. Next year I can most likely apply with a 3.7 which would theoretically give me a better shot. I'm worried i would do worse on the lsat if I had to do it again
  12. So at the end of this semester I will most likely be able to boost my gpa for next year admissions to 3.7. Is it worth it for me to retake the lsat? It was so stressful
  13. Would I have a chance in holistic admissions? What are my chances I could make it onto the waitlist do ya think?
  14. Hi there! What are my chances of acceptance with a 156 lsat and a 3.6 L2 gpa? My gpa is probably around 3.6 something. I'm thinking 3.64. I also have work experience with the Government of Canada and some good extra cur. Thanks!
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