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  1. I have similar stats (3.91 L2, 3.78 CGPA, LSAT Average 149.5 (150, 149) - and on the chances thread I posted I was told by several others to bump up my LSAT to a 155+ because my LSAT is too low so my chances are very, very slim. I applied to UofC and UofA as well.
  2. Thank you for the advice, everyone! I do know my chance of admission this term is close to nothing, but I am retaking the LSAT and hopefully next year I will get in!
  3. The first time I took the exam, I didn't study at all. This round, I completed the Powerscore books (all three) and took about 7 practice exams. I studied for about 2.5 months, and even though I understood the concepts, going into the exam I didn't feel confident because I feel like I needed more time to study. I'm thinking of purchasing a prep course, because I still know all the concepts, but I just need to nail down practice questions and a timing strategy.
  4. So - I'm looking for some honest advice about my chances of getting into a Law School in Canada. I have an Honours Degree, my cumulative GPA is 3.78, and my L2 is 3.91. I've taken the LSAT 2 times, and my scores were 150, then 149. I have been dealing with a serious medical issue for the past year (not sure if the admissions council will care, and I also don't want to use that as an excuse) but I want to know if writing the LSAT a 3rd time would be worthwhile, given that my last 2 scores haven't ruined my chances of being able to be accepted at all. I do have lot's of work/volunteer experience, and I'm currently working on creating a volunteer organization, but I feel like my LSAT scores have ruined my chances of being accepted.
  5. My cumulative GPA is 3.78, and L2 is 3.91 (unconfirmed) in an Honours program. My first LSAT score was 150, and I re-wrote in January this year and am not sure of my score yet. I have been dealing with a serious medical issue that impacted my ability to prep properly for the exam (I did touch on this in my personal statement), but I do want an honest opinion of if my chances of getting in this year are realistic.
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