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  1. I totally get that, I'm on my phone on little to no sleep due to a family issue yesterday and on a throwaway account so although I'm aware of it I'm not really worried.
  2. It is something I have considered but law has always had the largest appeal to me. I never actually looked into it seriously however until this past term when I realized that engineering is not something I'd be willing to spend the rest of my working life in. For now I think I'm going to buckle down and try to drag my cGPA up and see what I can do for this term before solidifying any large choices. An sorry to everyone if it sounds ignorant or stupid that I believe I can achieve these things with effort, but I have a very strong sense of determination when there is potentially something I actually want at the end.
  3. That's kinda the main rational I've gone into engineering, as I feel most other fields are not as financially safe. It's a good fall back no matter what I end up doing should I graduate. I enjoy hands on projects related to engineering but any teams I've applied for have rejected me an none of them provided me with a solid reason, though I get spots are really limited. I guess it's a combination of dismoitvated and a lack of interest at this point, though I can have a discussion regarding the material to lengths.
  4. Thank you! An it's not for financial or prestige, I just think a law degree would be extremely interesting, especially in a financial sector.
  5. Thank you all for your thoughts. Also for those asking how I can go from 60 -> 90 it's literally just start studying. I know people who spent more time studying for a course in a given week then I did for marginal grade differences. As to why in a technical field I didnt care about my grades was I understand the concepts and in any really world scenario you'd have access to notes and other resources needed for a more detailed analysis. But that's my thoughts an opinion. Thank you all for your feedback again!
  6. I ended up going into a degree (engineering) that everyone around me told me I would do well in and I've hated it, largely due to my own laziness as highschool required no studying or effort therefore I had no study skills or habits. I ended up failing my first year, and re completed the year hoping that once in a specialization I'd enjoy it more, an half way into my third year which is the first year in a specialization I've decided it's not what I want to professionally practice. Though at this point, I feel dropping my current program would not leave me in a good position should other avenues not work out. I have never worried about my grades, as many people around me had the mantra of grades not mattering in a technical field. I've been researching other options I may be interested in and a legal career is near the top of the list. My current average is sitting around 60%. Am I screwed? Even if I was to stay and finish my remaining two and a half years, if I could maintain an average of 90% it would bump my cGPA to an ~84. I feel like I would want to study either at UBC, UofA, or UofC. Would adding courses throughout my summer, or taking an extra year to try and drag my GPA up be worth considering? I'm currently joining my campus' model united nations and if I decide to pursue this likely the prelaw society. I've looked at admissions numbers from a few schools and it has made me feel like there is hope, but I'm worried I'm seeing things through rose colored glasses and would appreciate the opinions of others.
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