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  1. Thank you every one! I was not expecting so many responses. Really, really appreciate every one taking out time to help me!!! I will PM those that have told me to, in a few days. Just a quick follow up, since I have a STEM background and I am used to having exams objectively graded, how hard is the transition to coping with the grades you get in Law school? I essentially don't care what grade I get in Law School, as long as it is competitive to get a job. So, is it fine if you don't get straight A's? I have heard the average is more like a C, so if I had B's that would still be okay? I'm just trying to brace myself for the fall in grades, which I guess is inevitable, given how smart everyone in school would be.
  2. Hello everyone! I used the search function but could not find what I was looking for so I decided to make an account. I was hoping some current law school students or graduates could weigh in on what classes are like, and how we are tested. I am interested in law but don't know what the environment of classes is like and if I'll be able to thrive in it. I have a science background and struggle with writing essays and papers, so I mostly wanted to know if that's what most of law school was about. Also, are classes mostly rote memorization? Lastly, does any other law school besides U of T use pass/fail for grading? I do not know any lawyers personally so would appreciate your input. Particularly interested in U of T, U of C, Alberta, UBC, Osgoode, Queens and Western.
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