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  1. I get where you’re coming from, and I also have no insider knowledge into how adcoms view these cases, but I think it’s more nuanced than that. “Just life” can be traumatizing or exacerbate pre-existing/foster mental illness; I think a lot of “just life” could be grounds for an access claim depending on how it impacts a person, and if they have documentation to show how it impacted them (ie from a therapist).
  2. While law schools don't care for your involvement with the pre-law society, I joined Western's pre-law society in my undergrad and it was definitely worth my time. They offer mock LSATs which was a great resource when I was studying, and the mock trials are pretty fun! Princeton Review also hosts mock LSATs at Western, which I'd take if you have the opportunity to. Personally, writing mock exams that stimulated testing conditions helped me with my test anxiety. Best of luck!
  3. I was waitlisted and ultimately rejected last year with similar stats, 3.56 and 155 with good ECs. If you can, I think rewriting the LSAT and scoring a couple points higher would really help. Best of luck!!
  4. In on the portal!!! CGPA 3.56, L2 3.74 LSAT 158 (4th take, from February) Access, MA, good ECs So happy because this is my first choice!! Good luck to everyone waiting!!
  5. In today! 3.53/155 Will be declining and reapplying next cycle, because I have a masters offer thats too good to pass up. Good luck to everyone else waiting!
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