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  1. Oh ok, so UVIC called me today. IT WAS THE ALUMNI OFFICE. Edited: added all caps to convey all the feels.
  2. U of A called me yesterday to check-in (so sweet of them!). All I saw on the caller ID was”faculty of law” so I thought IT was happening. AHHHH so many feels 🙈
  3. Right! It’s closer to friends and family but might be worth the extra 30k to go on an adventure elsewhere, haha. What are you choosing between?
  4. Leaning towards U of A. Interested in the dual-degree options and cheaper-ish tuition. Victoria is home though so that's the dream 😊
  5. LOL. That's clever. BCAA = vehicle insurance in BC.
  6. BCAA called me yesterday afternoon and I almost peed myself at work. They just wanted $100... it wasn't UVic. Still at law committee for review. Anticipating waitlist or rejection. Still, a girl can dream.
  7. In today! So shocked because of my lower stats but super stoked! GPA - 3.8 LSAT - 154 (average - highest 163). Master's degree. BC resident! Having a big ol' glass of wine to celebrate. 😁
  8. I'm not a U of C applicant, but it's helpful to read something like this to get a better understanding of the overall admissions process - thank you for sharing!
  9. Have you spoken with the admissions office of the law school about this? Might be worth getting their perspective, if you can get through to them! 😊
  10. Congrats!! That must feel amazing. Can I ask when you applied and when your app was forwarded for review? 😊
  11. There are a few threads on here you might want to check out to answer your questions - auto admit has to do with your index score - the way to calculate it is explained somewhere on here... From what I understand, folks above a certain score (seems to be 905 this year) are in auto-admit territory. I don’t know how candidates for the holistic process are decided. The admissions office told me I was “in-range” for holistic review. Alas, that was many months ago, haha. Forwarded for review seems to relate to higher index scores, while to committee for review appears to be popping up for those under the index score.
  12. It's been about a month since my application went to the committee for review. Re-applicant, general category, 3.64 cgpa/163. Accepting defeat, 🥂
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