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  1. Aw! You're so sweet! See you in Sept 😊
  2. CANT BELIEVE I'M FINALLY MAKING THIS POST. Accepted this morning!! 🤗🤗🤗 3.64 163 890 Walrus: Me Guy with Fish: UVic Law Admissions
  3. Anyone else losing their minds waiting for the rankings? When did the days get so long? Haha. Fingers crossed we get some movement this year 😅
  4. This is helpful - thank you very much!
  5. Hi everyone, I am waitlisted at UVic and have been accepted to U of A. Given my current application status at UVic, this is totally hypothetical, but I don't have any lawyers in my circle and would love some informed advice as I think forward to September! I'm comfortably established in Victoria and have two degrees from UVic. I'm assuming I'll end up practicing in BC or AB, - undecided. I'm open to the type of law that I'll end up pursuing, but fantasize about running my own small community practice. I have some interest in completing a JD/MBA program. I'm not concerned about Alberta winters, but don't love the size of Edmonton. I don't have much of a network in Edmonton, but I do have family in both provinces. While I would be super happy to stay in Victoria, there is a part of me that's itching for a new adventure - to meet new people and explore a new place. How does it look to employers if I'm applying with a bunch of degrees from the same school? Worth mixing it up a bit and trying something new? I've also been accepted to U of S with a conditional acceptance to their MBA program - just to throw that in the mix 😀 Thanks in advance!
  6. 100% - I was improving but not by much, basically fishing with like, an old rod. Grateful for the time and opportunity to take a prep course and learn how to level up, haha. (Pokemon, anyone...?) 😁
  7. Submitted: 25-Oct Received: 10-Apr Hope that helps! 😊
  8. Do you mean on my online application? I haven't checked my status online, I just received an email this morning.
  9. Hi all - this forum has been so helpful (and anxiety-inducing, at times!) that I wanted to share my personal adventure on the road to law school acceptances - for those needing a bit of love and support at this time in the application cycle. When I first considered applying to law, I wrote the LSAT on a whim and scored in the 140's; a few months later, I tried again, with a one-point increase in score. I had applied to UVic that year (also on a whim, so stupid), and was rejected (duh). My self-confidence was bruised, and I figured law wasn't for me, so I put the idea of law school to bed. After a good deal of wallowing, some painful self-discovery, and way too many episodes of Gilmore Girls, I decided to pull my socks up and try, try again. I was in graduate school at the time and self-studied while completing my thesis (so stupid - see a theme here?). I wrote the exam and scored in the 150's. Forever the idealist, I re-wrote a few months later, still in time for that application cycle at UVic, and scored the exact same as before. This was a fantastic wake-up call, fueled by two years of rejection. The LSAT is a beast, I was not "smart enough" to take it on without support - that's something I needed to accept. I dished out a painful $1,000, took time off work, and gave myself one month of full-time studying to try, try again. I told the instructors of the course that my goal was a 160, because I truly thought that's all I would be able to achieve. Progress was slow, but as the month came to a close, I saw improvement, scoring on practice tests between 160-162. I wrote the exam for a fifth time, and scored a 163. This year, I applied to five schools: TRU, U of M, U of A, U of S, and UVic. I've been accepted to all/waitlisted at UVic. My approach to the LSAT was sloppy, I recognize that. I was nauseatingly idealistic about my ability to self-study and receive an offer with some cheesy 80's music playing the background with smiles all around. For the majority of us, getting into law school is tough, admissions committees are ruthless - but that stubborn determination paid off, even if it took a few years! So, for those of you tackling the LSAT right now, or waiting anxiously to hear from the schools you applied to, know that if it doesn't happen this year, or on this exam, you have options, and you have time. One way or another, you'll make it happen. Be ambitious, stay strong, keep hoping, and be the badass future law student that you are. Cheers! 🍻
  10. Accepted this morning! B2 somewhere around 3.6 LSAT 163 Master's degree and minimal SK connection. Acceptance deadline: May 3rd.
  11. Does anyone know if the wait-list is ranked by index score or some other mysterious method?
  12. Guess I’ll start this off! Called the office today - I’ve been Waitlisted with a confirmed index score of 890. Waitlist invites to be sent out in May. Cheers everyone! 🍻
  13. Oh ok, so UVIC called me today. IT WAS THE ALUMNI OFFICE. Edited: added all caps to convey all the feels.
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