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  1. Yea I just sent a letter saying "Hey, I'm in, thanks so much for your time." [Shortened]. Along with notice that my deposit has been paid and then followed up today with that gosh darn picture they wanted.
  2. I've been struggling on what to wear. I'm not really a full out suit person, and I am aware that I'll need to "professionalize" my image eventually but haven't got there yet and don't really want to remove my piercing, cut my hair and buy a new suit for this single event, so I'm sure I'll be making an impression. I'll probably just end up wearing dress pants and a long sleeve button down. Was considering black jeans but thought maybe that was TOO casual.
  3. I think I'll be attending. Is anyone else bringing a plus one? My mum really wants to come...
  4. That's almost exactly my stats and I got an offer towards the end of January! Sounds like you'll be fine!
  5. Hello Everyone, I feel pretty settled on my decision to attend UVic and I was wondering if anyone had any advice about finding off campus housing. I know there is on campus housing available but I've spent my entire undergrad working and living in student housing, so I'm looking forward to NOT being on campus anymore. However, I have heard the housing market can be a little tough. I'm preferably looking for single person housing or perhaps dual person housing (hoping a friend of mine also gets in), however I would be open to roommates I suppose, I would just be hoping for queer friendly housing. My budget would ideally capped at around $1000 for just me, obviously more if I were to be splitting the rent. I was wondering what website folks would recommend looking on and perhaps areas to keep an eye on?I would preferably like to be somewhere close to school and downtown as I wouldn't have a car. Additionally, I was wondering if people thought it would be a better idea to be looking for the beginning of summer or for the fall? I'm from the lower mainland so moving early wouldn't be too much of a burden as I'm sure I could find some sort of summer work in either location.
  6. I used 7sage to help study and it was quite useful. It was mostly good for helping with the timing and learning the tips and tricks. Additionally, as I was working almost full time and taking some courses on top of it, it was pretty manageable to do in my own time.
  7. The Bay often does a Bay Day sales event (once or twice a year) where you can get a $300 Calvin Klein suit from anywhere from $100-$150. Quality is pretty decent though they're not the most fashion forward suits usually, but will look pretty good after alternations. Source: I used to work for the Bay
  8. Got my call this afternoon as well, they actually called my parent's first because I listed their number with my permanent address, instead of my university address. Suffice to say my mother was very anxiously waiting for me to let her know what the call was about. GPA: 3.95/4.3 (ish) without drops LSAT 162 BC Resident Will likely be accepting!
  9. The amount of time's I've gone to a law school event and had someone tell me they're in Pre-Law only to find they are studying Politics or International Relations. I don't really think undergraduate matters one bit, probably biggest impact it has in helping people determine how they want to apply their degree, for example lot's of my STEM friends looking at law seem to be more interested in patent/intellectual property law vs social science friends who look more at policy, etc.
  10. BC Resident. Accepted January 28 LSAT: 162 GPA: 4/4.3 (+ some exchange courses of a different academic grading system so unsure how they counted those) Will likely be declining. Good luck everyone!
  11. BC Resident. Accepted January 30 (literally a day after they got my second reference lol) LSAT: 162 GPA: 4/4.3 (+ some exchange courses of a different academic grading system so unsure how they counted those) Lot's of work experience, not a lot of extracurriculars. Personal Statement was a bit abnormal/risky but I guess it was well received. Excited about the offer but still waiting to hear from UVic before weighing my options.
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