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  1. I guess I am interested in going the other way because I grew up poor and I entered law school with the hope that I might serve clients in similar circumstances. I actually tried to get a Legal Aid position for articles but I wasn't lucky enough to land one. My understanding is that it would be difficult indeed to survive off family law certificates in BC, but staff legal aid lawyers seem to get decent pay (e.g. https://lss.bc.ca/resources/pdfs/pubs/P127-18.pdf). I probably can't say much without breaking anonymity, but I also have connections to smaller jurisdictions that have wholly staff-based legal aid and I would be interested in that as well. I can't begin to imagine what i'd do with a $150,000+ salary and the fancy tall building makes me feel like a traitor so I'm not sure the advantages of the large firm environment are very relevant to me anyway.
  2. Yeah, but I will probably leave again soon (esp since nobody will answer the question I came back to ask ).
  3. When I felt broken during law school one of the lifestyle changes that really helped me was to stop reading this forum
  4. Since there has been some family law talk recently.. I am half completed my articles in family law with a large boutique firm that does mid-high income files (no legal aid). I have been offered an associate position and plan to accept for the time being but I think I ultimately want to work for Legal Aid (not necessarily in my current jurisdiction, but wherever possible). I am just wondering if this is common, like, say, in the way that criminal defence lawyers shift to prosecutions or vice versa. Will Legal Aid be suspicious about my intentions or be concerned I haven't learned the right skills for their practice (I did work for Legal Aid for about 8 months during law school)? I see from job postings for family lawyers that Legal Aid often wants several years of experience. Will it be easier for me to get a Legal Aid position if I stay in my current position for a while or should I try to get out as soon as possible? Would switching to Legal Aid limit future possibilities in the private bar? Anything else I should keep in mind?
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