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  1. Hi I'm in a paralegal course right now as I pursue a career in law/ study to get my LSAT score higher/ save money. Here are some of the Pros and Cons I've noticed as I finish my program at college and hope they help! 🙂 Pros: Smaller classroom sizes help to build rapport with professors and gain better references for law school than I would have gotten going to a big university. This has also helped me improve speaking up in class and become more comfortable with class presentations/ mooting. The subjects they teach may not be directly applicable to law school but there are basic themes and principles I have learned have been useful (ie showing you how to fill out forms properly, learning rules of evidence, how to use accounting programs, how to use word/ excel, make a proper legal resume etc.). This program has allowed me to expand my knowledge in a lot of different areas of law. The accelerated program is only 1 year, you get a field placement and gain experience. If you decide to work as a paralegal you get to save $$ before law school and work on advocacy skills. There are 7/8 courses per semester in the accelerated programs and if you're used to being on top of things you can manage working part time while going to school. Cons: Some of the professors suck. Some professors treat you like you're in high school. Some of the work may not be challenging. (I study the night before or do the assignment the night before and get A's/B's). Law schools don't care about your college GPA just your undergrad so I wouldn't solely choose this program to boost your undergrad GPA. Paralegal scope of practice is limited and lawyers can practice in more areas, so if you aren't interested in tribunals/ provincial offences/ small claims court this may not be very exciting for you. The Paralegal licensing exam is ~1300$ and the program itself is ~6k.
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