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  1. This might help: http://www.law.udmercy.edu/admissions/admitted-students/j-d-orientation.php
  2. I’m not sure how long it takes for the school/CBP to actually process the visas, so maybe they have a reschedule date for any Aug offers/acceptances. Everything I have seen so far is “mandatory” border crossing on the 13th/14th to activate the visas, since it’s a full week of orientation at UDM the following week (and a mandatory day at UDM on the 15th). I suspect CBP might let you cross without the student visa for the first few trips, but technically you need a valid status in the US to study in the US so they can certainly deny entry without it.
  3. They assign them in first year. No selecting necessary. Just received our schedules a few days ago actually.
  4. There’s a mandatory border crossing on the 13th/14th for non-dual citizens to activate visas (date depends on last name), and then some mandatory session at UDM on the 15th for orientation/immersion for everyone. The following 2 weeks are taken up by orientation at UDM and UWin.
  5. Pretty? No. They have a decent letterhead for the acceptance letter PDF, but that’s about it.
  6. The school handles the I-20 and seems to get that done pretty quickly/efficiently. I wouldn’t stress about that part at all. Nexus... the average wait time for non-Dual citizens is 4 months. They are still backlogged on the US side from the last government shutdown (or at least that’s the reason they keep giving people). My pre-approval was relatively quick, as I’m a Dual. My husband applied in March and just received his pre-approval mid-June. We did the interview portion last week & are still waiting on the actual cards in the mail.
  7. August 15 is supposed to be the day that they start the application period, which it looks like is done through the uwin student portal.
  8. I guess this brings up a question from me, though... are we supposed to be paying something to UDM right now? I haven't seen any instructions on paying anything besides the $500 deposit and parking passes, but it's entirely possible that I overlooked an email or two while relocating to Windsor.
  9. I haven’t seen my student number from UDM on anything thus far... I would check with Christina Loebach, as she has either known the answer or been able to point me in the right direction for every question I’ve asked.
  10. Has anyone applied recently? I sent in my application a couple of weeks ago, and it has been radio silence since then, despite my best attempts to follow up. They keep telling me that it's in progress. I'm not sure what the normal timeline on this is, but it would be nice to get a yes or no from them *before* packing up my family and moving to Windsor. Just looking to compare notes with other Dual JD students. Thanks!
  11. I joined the all years group, but haven’t seen that one yet.
  12. Rejected earlier today, Access category. 3.3 cGPA, 155 LSAT
  13. Rejected via email a few minutes ago. Not unexpected, and was moving ahead with plans to go to Windsor anyway. OUAC cGPA 3.37, no idea about B2/L2 since it has been 10+ yrs and I'm not sure what they considered, LSAT 155 Good luck to everyone else still pending and anxiously waiting!
  14. My husband, daughter, and I all applied for Nexus in early March. The daughter and I were pre-approved in early April (I guess because we are dual citizens... makes it easy enough). We haven’t done our interviews yet, though, since they want the entire family to come at the same time and hubby is *still* pending. I called last week to get some insight on his application, and they said that the US side was still way behind on background checks because of the shutdown last year. Their average processing time is around 4 months. So... yeah, get on that application ASAP I have our interviews scheduled for June 28 but will likely push back until July to give his a little more time. Regardless, I’ll need to schedule my interview (even if it’s solo) before August.
  15. I will have a car, and will definitely be open to carpooling with anyone else with a Nexus pass. I make no guarantees about my winter driving abilities, having not experienced actual snow in the last 10 years. 😂
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