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  1. The lack of an open bar at every event will definitely be an adjustment when I move back up there. Thanks for reporting back... wish I could have justified the cost of a flight, and fit it into my schedule this week.
  2. Would you mind if I contact you privately to get some insights about a couple of things? I was hoping to find a 2L who actually had ambitions to work in the US...
  3. Only the mass emails about housing resources and the event in Toronto.
  4. It looks like it was sent to the entire Dual JD 2022 mailing list, and it has a link to the Windsor Students' Law Society website. There's some useful info on their 1st Year page: http://www.windsorsls.com/
  5. In the email yesterday, one of the links had the following info: As an aside, my daughter and I were conditionally approved for the NEXUS card within a week of applying, but my husband is still pending 2 months later. I'm guessing that's because we are both Dual Citizens and he isn't. You may want to go ahead and apply for NEXUS if you are planning to do so, since it could take a while to be conditionally approved and then do the interview portion for final approval.
  6. I've heard several other horror stories about Marda, which is unfortunate because they do have a few properties on their website that look like they could be possibilities. They also seem to dominate the Property Management game in Windsor.
  7. Personally, I have been looking on Realtor.ca and Kijiji, but I haven't found anything that would work for me & my family just yet. I don't know that I would rent sight unseen off of Kijiji, given that it's kind of our Craigslist equivalent and I see rental scams on Craigslist down here ALL the time. I do feel comfortable with Realtor.ca since they are properties listed by a licensed Realtor. If anyone else has some tips, or the name of a tech-savvy Windsor Realtor who doesn't mind helping renters look for a place to live, I'm all ears!
  8. Just looked through the Accepted 2018 thread and they had a couple of May 9 acceptances last year. Hoping the next little wave is coming soon...
  9. I received the invitation & would love to, but I’m planning on getting my house on the market that week so we can start the move back up north.
  10. That's what I was told to do, and so far so good. I just wish the one other school that I applied to would hurry up with a yay or nay.
  11. Provisionally accept on OLSAS (and make sure to select all of the other schools/programs that you still want to be considered for) and that provisional acceptance will eventually pull through to the UWin site. You don't need to hit accept or decline. Or at least, I didn't, and they went away once the provisional acceptance came through to UWin. Congrats!
  12. I agree. Regular applicants with nearly identical stats to mine have already been rejected. I'm grateful that they are still considering my application, which at this point is probably only because of my age and experience. Do I wish they would get through this process a little quicker? Absolutely. My husband needs to look for employment wherever we end up relocating, we need to sell our property down here, and find somewhere to live up there. I did end up provisionally accepting Windsor, and I'm researching properties in that area, but everything is on hold until I hear something (either way) from Queen's. Or until July 3 when the provisional acceptance becomes firm acceptance. I guess whichever comes first.
  13. They didn't mention it... it was a very vague email.
  14. UWin updated today from Incomplete to Admitted. There's a link to view the decision letter, although that doesn't work (says it's available 24h after acceptance). So, although glitchy, their system does *eventually* update to reflect a decision, once one is made. It just happens a few days after the email is sent out. Still nothing on OLSAS. Just want to keep you all up to date, since you are apparently caught in the same glitch that I was. There's light at the end of the tunnel!
  15. I sent JD Admissions an email, and received a reply. Nothing in detail, as expected, but they did say a waitlist was coming in May, which will give us a better idea of where we all stand.
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