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  1. Did you apply this year? If not, I'd highly recommend it! I only applied as an afterthought because I'd never imagined I would actually get in. My stats aren't phenomenal so I spent the least amount of time on that personal statement. Turns out that they're actually as holistic as they claim to be. If you don't get in this cycle, spend lots of time working on your writing skills and personal statement-- I really believe that they take what you present in it in into account, maybe even on a level on par with stats for students that "fill out part b" (what seems Osgoode's access equivalency). That's a killer LSAT and a great L2! You'll make it. In the meantime, I hope Queens gets back to the access apps soon, I know the wait is nerve-wrecking.
  2. I did not-- at least, not by email or OLSAS. I had a hard time getting into their student portal to check the status of my app, so I didn't bother after the first week of creating it. I provisionally accepted Osgoode in mid-January, not sure if that makes a difference at all. Hold out though, it seems to me that maybe they just haven't looked at the access apps yet.
  3. I applied access to Queens. I had offers from Osgoode and Dalhousie pretty early on and firm accepted Osgoode two weeks ago, but I was keeping an eye on my other applications. It's kind of a shame if Queens misses out on some bright access applicants because they decided to save those apps for last. Hope you guys hear something soon!
  4. How important is orientation week at Osgoode? I know in undergrad I skipped the entire thing and was none the worse for it. Wondering because one of my best friends is getting married the weekend before the final week of August and there's a decent possibility I might not make it back to Toronto until early/mid-week. Would I miss much?
  5. I'm a 0L, so I can't speak to the actual student experience of either school, but I'll offer my opinion, because I also have offers from Osgoode and Dal and will most likely be choosing Oz. Like you, I'm not positive what area of law I want to practice, so I'm really attracted to the breadth of clinics and intensives offered by Osgoode. I haven't come across anything similar offered by Dal. I'm not necessarily interested in Bay Street, but it doesn't seem to me that Oz focuses on turning out corporate lawyers. For me, it comes down to the city. I'm from the east coast and have been living in Halifax for four years and I have never really liked it. There's not a whole lot going on. While I do have a really nice and affordable apartment right next to campus, I'm not committed to living on the east coast and would rather live and work in Toronto, and for me, the extra money/commute is worth the quality of life. I'm not trying to be dramatic, but that's just how much I dislike living in Halifax. Dalhousie isn't a bad school, by any means. I took their undergrad "Intro to law" course offered by the law school and was impressed with the building and the instruction, but I went to go visit Osgoode and their program just seemed like a better fit for me. The only thing that might sway me would be a big scholarship from Dal, and even then, I don't know if I'd accept.
  6. Does anybody have an idea as to how quickly the unfurnished ones go? I definitely want to live near campus for a while, but will be bringing the furnishings for my entire one-bedroom apartment.
  7. In on January 8! CGPA around 3.5 and L2 at 3.7. 156 highest LSAT. Glowing LOR's and good EC's, I have an unorthodox (and kind of wild) background story. Experience as a professional writer definitely helped to tell it in my PS. Filled out part B. Like TorontoJourno, I'm also thinking that my few years of journalism experience helped to offset the lackluster LSAT (also excited to meet another journo in the program!). Will be flying to Toronto for the event on the 21, looking forward to meeting some of you!
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