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  1. Should be ok with those stats. I had similar and got in before the cutoff for the first round of applications.
  2. I did have a quite good level of French going into it, but it seems that you can get through the course without perfect fluency. The point of doing the French courses is to give you experience in classes that aren't necessarily high stakes. I know a lot of the ones that include a French component are typically the ones that are pass/fail. That said, there is a selection of courses that are probably a little bit more advanced if you like a good challenge.
  3. Join the french courses! Makes you eminently more employable after your law degree is done and the courses themselves are not a crazy amount more difficult than the regular. The main thing is that assignments will be due in french in many instances. The other thing to keep in mind is that it is likely that some material will still be taught in English or at least clarified in case something isn't obvious.
  4. These are all pretty good recommendations so thanks all for contributing. Bookstand seems to be a winner. What's the word on laptops? Is it critical to get a really good one? I've been going strong for the last few years on my asus ultrabook. Should I be looking at other computers?
  5. Hi everyone, I've been trying to determine some of the items that law students would consider to be useful or even necessary for a smooth law school experience. I figure that I'll need things like a good laptop and maybe a well fitted suit but aside from that does anyone have any recommendations? It could be anything from a worthwhile pricey splurge to a 5 dollar item that makes life a little easier. I look forward to your feedback!
  6. Sounds like Scotiabank really really wants law students' business. They seem really aggressive with their marketing for the PSLOC and perks. Far and away the best standard package you can get as a law student in Canada.
  7. I got in on the first round of offers (so early admission I guess, not totally sure). I had a 161 with a 3.98 or an index of 78.39. I'm fairly confident I wasn't the highest score to receive an offer but I don't think I was the lowest score either. My guess is an index of about 77 is pretty safe to assume getting in before the cutoff then anything above 75.5 as pretty safe even on the waitlist.
  8. So I met with a rep from Scotiabank today and it seems that the 135k at prime plus two free premium credit cars sounds about right. He did mention that the advertised prime rate was +.5% but that he had a 100% success rate in getting prime for law students attending Robson. I think it's just a matter of the person you're dealing with understanding the nuances of the PSLOC and definitely the amount of experience they have dealing with your specific program.
  9. Yeah that was sort of my thought. Is it common for people to be given their PSLOC at prime when not on that list?
  10. So I was at RBC a couple days ago and the rep there told me that the prime only rate was only for a certain number of schools and that since I won't be going to one of the schools on the list that the best they could do was prime +.5%. Does anyone think I'll be able to swing a deal for the prime only or should I start shopping around? (I will be at Robson Hall UofM next year in case that helps).
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