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  1. Hi guys! Has anyone else had trouble finding the student handbook under the organizations tab on blackboard? I can only find the announcement but not the handbook itself
  2. No I don’t think so, I just wanted to get ahead and pay but I know tuition isn’t due for a while yet. I asked Christina and she said a student number will generated in August at some point
  3. Hi guys! Where can I find my Detroit Mercy student number (starts with a T) its necessary to pay tuition but hasn't been on any emails thus far.
  4. Can anyone whose in the dual program currently shed some light on the visa process? Thank you!
  5. I didn’t receive the above email. Was it your acceptance package?
  6. No, I haven't received any information and was wondering the same thing!
  7. How long does it generally take for the deposit to go through/show up as paid?
  8. Yes my olsas updated the offer but I was accepted about a week ago
  9. April 15 is my deadline as well. Unsure of that mean so provisonal or firm acceptance.
  10. Hey guys! I was accepted in January and have since paid my deposit. After that though I’ve had no correspondence with TRU. What happens now? Will they email us about something soon? It seems like all other schools are having meet and greets etc..
  11. How did you eventually make the deposit? There’s no specific JD deposit.
  12. Accepted 3 days ago! L2: 3.8 cGPA: 3.3 LSAT: 157 ON resident
  13. Hi guys! im just looking for some info. If I accept an out of province law school offer (Ontario resident), will that school inform other schools and will I not be considered for Ontario schools? Thank you!!
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