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  1. @artsydork I meant 33% on collected. With no base at all, yes I thought that was on the low end as well. There is no health insurance but all fees are paid. What do you mean about disbursement amounts? I am not clear on that. I am not worried about work. We are very busy, and we do not do legal aid. I have access to all firm resources. Payment will be each billing cycle which is monthly.
  2. So got my contract. I am being offered compensation based on being an independent contractor. Offer is 33% of billed and collected billings. Is this offer normal practice? IMO: 1) I don't believe I qualify as an independent contractor 2) It's daunting to not have a guaranteed salary as a first year Again for context, single owner firm with 3 associates, practice area - family, real estate, wills/estates, location - right outside downtown Toronto. Any input would be helpful.
  3. Ok good to hear. I broke my foot last year and gained a whole bunch of weight which is now coming off. But it won't before I get my robes for call. Would have to hate paying for the whole set again!!
  4. So what happens if someone loses weight ... like about 20lbs. Would you have to order the whole set again?!
  5. Do we have to order the skirt/pants as well or would any black, dark grey or dark grey striped trousers or skirt do?
  6. Maybe I didn't understand what low-end means but we do retainers before moving on any work (at least I do) and our clients are very good at keeping zero A/R.
  7. I was going towards base salary plus fee split, keeping in mind that this has never been offered to anyone else before. But then I have also managed to move along files as an articling student that others in the firm haven't been able to as associates, so there is that. What is the range for a fee split with a base salary? Again small firm, lower end stuff and I do mostly family and starting to do estates lit.
  8. You are right. We are a very small, standard firm and I do most family law and starting to do some estate litigation and we only do billables.
  9. We only do billables. But I don't think I could suggest anywhere near 40%. Base + a small portion of the fees I collect over a certain amount is what I am thinking.
  10. Not big-law, nothing high end. The typical day consists of negotiating small issues, drafting correspondence, preparing pleadings for court, and once I get called, going to court for hearings and motions.
  11. Base salary. As far as I know, the owner has never given a share of collected fees to anyone, except to an associate who was with him years ago and that was most likely because she would push things to court a lot. Would this be something I could negotiate, and if so what would be a fair base salary and percentage of collected fees vs just salary? Pros and cons of each? Keep in mind I do mostly family law.
  12. Hello all, Can anyone provide me a range for first-year salaries: Small firm - 4-5 lawyers Practice area - family, real estate, wills/estates Location - right outside downtown Toronto My principal wants to keep me on after I am done articling this spring. I want to negotiate a fair salary and would like a better idea of what a general range would be. Any insight would be welcome
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