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  1. Wow... interesting that you've pretty much categorized half of the law schools in Canada as having a "weaker student body". At the end of the day, NO Canadian employer cares about what law school you go to- every law student has the same chance of getting any job they apply to. Speaking on behalf of three current UOttawa law students (who had the option to go to UBC, York and UofT, but chose UOttawa) and have been successful in big firm recruits in Calgary and Toronto, incoming students should pick the law school they are most interested on based on their research of the program, class/ internship opportunities, school specialization, city, etc. Also, student body is a valid concern! Getting into any Canadian law school is an accomplishment in itself, and students shouldn't let some of the comments on this forum influence their decision.
  2. Hi! I'm a current 1L student at UOttawa. I think the vibe of probably any law school depends on who you are friends with. So there's obviously a lot of type A personalities, but it's all about finding great friends because support is very important to get you through law school. So yes there are chill people here :)
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