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  1. The best path is getting a JD in the US from a T14 school. An LL.M., even from Harvard, means almost nothing in the US. If you want to practice tax law, NYU/Gtown tax LL.M. gives you a shot at breaking into the US market.
  2. The only useful LLM programs in the US are the Tax programs at NYU, Georgetown, Northwestern, and Florida. To much much lesser extent, the St. Johns Bankruptcy LLM places people into bankruptcy jobs in NYC. If you want to practice any kind of litigation in the states you really really need to get a top J.D. American employers won't care about the experience you have in foreign countries unless it's substantial and on-point. I've seen a few corporate associates at the seven sisters move over to American firms, but it's rare.
  3. Hey everyone, Does anyone have info on life as a tax lawyer working for the big4? In particular, is the work different from what one would do at a law firm?
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