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  1. In second year I had straight A's but one D+. Managed to get into Osgoode, queens, Western, and ottawa (and I didn't try to explain it away in my apps).
  2. Nope. I went straight from in queue to being accepted last week.
  3. Got the email this morning. Went straight from being "in queue" (Since Nov. 20) to being accepted. 3.8 L2 / 3.61 OLSAS cGPA 160 / 161 / 159 LSAT General category
  4. Hatem Abouzeenni from Scotiabank will offer prime. The rate is not all that matters. I believe TD SLOC requires monthly repayments during school while Scotiabank allows you to start monthly payments 2 years after you start articling.
  5. Scotiabank offers prime
  6. I've talked to some big firm recruiters in Toronto and they advised me not to pick Ottawa over queens/Western because of class size, distance from Toronto (which can affect networking capabilities), and stronger tendency to give students poor grades. I know that the last reason tends to spark heated debate but hey, if you get straight B'/A's in a school where C's and D's are "not uncommon" (as some recruiters put it) that will probably look great on you.
  7. Talk to Hatem Abouzeenni from Scotiabank. He's based on in London but can set up SLOC remotely and Scotiabank has much better options than TD at the moment
  8. Can somebody tell me what Lianne is lol
  9. Calling might hurt if they didn't notice it.
  10. Responded to your Western post as well but I got into Ottawa last week with similar L2 and LSAT.
  11. I would say pretty good chances. Although I had higher CGPA, I got in during January with similar L2 and LSAT.
  12. Does anyone know what goes on at the Torys reception and whether there's any dress code?
  13. Do people really look that early? I imagine with the April deadline and the (probably) many applicants who are also waiting to hear back from other schools, there would be a big wave of people looking for homes after April.
  14. Hello, For anyone who attended Western or lived near there recently, could you please enlighten me on the strength of Freedom Mobile's network signal in the area? I have been with them for a while now in the GTA and although they offer much cheaper phone plans, I have often been frustrated with their slow data / weak signal.
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