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  1. Not at all... I have tried every way possible. Used references, cold emails, walk ins, phone calls. But nothing worked out...
  2. Hello Everyone, I have been trying to get articling in BC from over a year now but no luck yet... I am going to take LPP program during summer this year at Ryerson University, Toronto. I want to know if it is possible to transfer license from Ontario to Bc right after call to bar in Ontario. I have checked the rules on lsbc website but I am still confused if i need to do articling and PLTC even after getting license in ontario. Please suggest if anybody did that recently. Thank You......
  3. Hello all, I need some help regarding Articling Positions in BC. I have tried applying in almost 200 different law firms but not even a single interview call yet. I did my Bachelor of Laws from India and recently got my NCA certificate of qualifications. Any tips regarding that would be appreciated.
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