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  1. Rejected (no waitlist) from interview L2: 3.8 ish LSAT: 162 FYI I interview poorly lol
  2. Rejected today via email. Regular OLSAS CGPA - 3.03 L2 - I'm unsure how Queen's calculated this as I've taken summer and part-time semesters but it was likely between 3.5 - 3.8 LSAT - 162 (only score)
  3. Just got dinged by Queens and I have not yet heard back from UOttawa. May I get your opinion on this old matter?
  4. Do you have any additional info on how that TO partner viewed other law schools? Was this ‘tier 2’ only second to UT and Osgoode or was it a tier second to all the major ON schools? Also, did he mention which other schools fell into this tier? Thanks!
  5. Emailed this morning. Vancouver June 10th 1:00pm - 4:30pm Halifax time (30 min intervals) Regular category My index is above what Dalhousie usually auto-admits but I have a low cGPA and applied late in the cycle.
  6. Unsuccessful. Won't go into stats but my index was way below par. Found out via status checker. Edit: Email followed shortly
  7. From what I've gathered from past posts, acceptances and waitlists often come out one day before rejections. FYI I have not received a call or status update so I am expecting a rejection email tomorrow.
  8. I've been considering a move to PC from my 8-year-old MacBook as I figured the Windows platform will be universal in both classroom and professional settings. The last thing I want to deal with during 1L is to accommodate an Apple OS. Given not all keyboards are created equal, is it worth (in your opinions) specifically targeting a laptop with a high quality keyboard and typing experience (for exams..)?
  9. Does one have any notable advantages over the other for law school use? Thanks!
  10. My CGPA is low as well. Awesome LSAT improvement! Good luck!
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