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  1. I accepted my offer in January. See you all in September!
  2. Decided to firm up my offer at another school, therefore removing myself from the waitlist (#6, resident). Best of luck to all waiting!
  3. Just received an email notifying me of my placement on the waitlist. It said I am 6th on the "resident" waitlist. Based on previous years, what do you think my chances are of acceptance given my place on the list? Thanks!
  4. Are interviews only in Halifax or Toronto this year?
  5. 100% this. I've been accepted, and I hope that my classmates are kinder than a lot of what I've seen displayed in this thread. I'm from the Maritimes, and I think I had a strong application, and on top of this I want to be able to practice back home. Is my LSAT lower than this guy's? Yes. But am I not qualified? Is that what's implied? Let's not shame potential future classmates before even getting accepted.
  6. Hey! I intend to study at UNB in the Fall. Wondering if anyone could advise what time fall midterms are, approximately? (ie. are they mid-October?) Thanks!
  7. It's hard to tell from online, but when you rent a room at EPJ, does it have a shared kitchen/living room with others? Or is it an all-inclusive suite where you open the door and everything you need to live alone is in one suite?
  8. Could anyone who has lived/lives in EPJ share photos of what the suites look like? I'm from out of province and I'm leaning toward living in residence for convenience sake in first year, but cannot find anything on what the suites look like online
  9. I asked Wanda about scholarships this morning and she said that scholarship decisions will be ongoing from mid-February until June :)
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