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  1. Same here.... you know what makes this worse? The fact that even if by some miracle we do get in last minute we still have to find decent places to live that are affordable which, requires time. We won't even be able to enjoy the fact that we got in without getting stressed out all over again about where we are going to live
  2. I guess if we are still under evaluation that means we've been rejected?
  3. Does anyone know whether these courses have to be taken at the same university where you did your undergrad or can you do the courses at a different Uni ?
  4. I'm still under evaluation.... This is starting to get ridiculous, from what I understand decisions have been made on everyone's files they just haven't updated the accounts to reflect the decision. Seriously, how long does it take to just make one change on our accounts?!
  5. But mine still reads under evaluation..... Why would they put that for some and cancelled for others????
  6. Oh good, it's not just me that thought that :). I thought at first that the stress of the process was making me more irritable than usual...
  7. Hey everybody, so I just got this email from Katrine. " Good Afternoon Diana, Thank you for your email. We are still processing rejections and waitlist students. Please note that being on the waitlist does not guarantee admission, therefore I would not keep my hopes up. Sincerely, Katrine D’Arcy" It looks like they are all done with acceptances and are working on the waitlist/rejections.
  8. What the fuck is going on?! - I think this sums up the entire application process this year, what with the Duke LSAT mistake on our accounts (which still hasn't been fixed on mine....), the strikes in September/October etc It's gotten to the point where my family can't even mention anything about my application without me breaking out into a cold sweat about it
  9. It's time like these when I wish that this forum had a facepalm reaction option.........
  10. Hi Ryn, is it safe to say that if my application is still in queue then it's likely to be a rejection? (considering the fact that I only went into Queue on March 20th)
  11. Is it safe to say that if my application is still in queue then it's likely to be a rejection?
  12. What do they mean by senior level? Does that include second year courses or is it only third and fourth year ones?
  13. Hi Ryn, I've applied for this cycle but if I don't get in I'm strongly considering going back to my undergrad university and enrolling as a non-degree student to take some undergrad courses to upgrade my CGPA. Would Osgoode count those courses in my CGPA calculation and do they look at the fact that I've gone back after a significant amount of time negatively? (I finished my undergrad in 2015 and did a one-year masters in 2016-2017)
  14. Still not in queue yet.....should I be worried? \ General, filled out part B
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