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  1. I'm a 1L at McGill and my midterms grades were above average, but not top 10% of the class (for the most part as far as I can tell). I got 7 interviews overall. I was wondering if anybody had any advice as far as interviews go? I've been practicing by looking up details about each law firm in terms of their summer program/general practice. I've also been trying to think of good answers to the usual questions (what's your biggest weakness, how do you handle a workload, etc.), and coming up with anecdotes for most things on my CV that I think will come up. Is there any other advice anyone has to offer? Thanks!
  2. I got accepted into both but am not sure what to choose. McGill is much cheaper (I don't have a parents financial support) and I like the idea of a civil/common law degree, and heard good things about the school itself, but I wonder about job opportunities and how difficult it will be for someone whose french is rusty (I'm french immersion and bilingual, but am used to using english academically). Osgoode is more expensive but I got offered a decent entry scholarship (though it will still be about 3-4 times as pricey as McGill) and have heard good things about clinics hiring students during summer internships and other opportunities. I am not sure what law I want to go into which is why it is difficult for me to say with certainty what I am looking for in a law school other than what everyone else wants (good faculty, opportunities, etc.). I also got into Ottawa and Queens, but feel as though McGill or Osgoode offer more due to their reputation , am I misinformed?
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