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  1. Thanks for all the responses. Fortunately, finances and the cost of law school don't factor too much into the equation at this stage in my life; however, I really appreciate the honesty. I am doing this because it's always been a dream and my husband's demanding job, as well as having three young children always made the dream seem untenable until now. I have started the 7sage program and it has been the most helpful so far. I was using the Khan Academy program but it does have limits. I am hoping to perhaps work in the Crown Counsel office.
  2. Hello-- I am hoping to find a private tutor in the Vancouver area or opinions on the best LSAT prep course. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Thanks for all the advice and encouragement.
  4. Hello! This is a great forum and resource. I am a 48 year old stay at home parent of three kids. I have been out of the work force for 15 years and graduated university in 1994. I did well in school and graduated with a 3.8 but my brain feels very rusty now. It has been a dream of mine to go to law school and I've decided to give try and am looking for any advice or words of wisdom?? I have been using the Khan Academy program to study for the LSAT but would prefer a tutor in the Vancouver area. Thoughts? advice? Am I crazy at this age??
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