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  1. Hi, I was just wondering how the market in Vancouver/BC compares to the legal market in Toronto/Ontario, particularly for 2L jobs and articling positions. I've been told the market in Ontario is stronger and there are more positions available. This makes since to me considering that there are more major cities to apply to, but I was wondering if anyone had a deeper insight into this. Thanks!
  2. It's in my budget, but its more of a timing thing right now. I'm going to Kingston to view apartments this weekend so if I sign a lease it will further complicate things. If I can't find a place I might take your advice! I almost stayed for good last time I went out West so I'm worried you might be right haha
  3. Why is it easier to move east to west? Edit: Sorry my phone was slow to load, but I see you've already answered this.
  4. Definitely was not trying to deter anyone from UWO it’s a great school, and again that wasn’t the sole reason I chose Queen’s instead. I didn’t mean for this to turn into a comparison of the faculty’s ages it was just something I noticed, but I didn’t look into it that much and I’m a 0L so what do I know anyways
  5. Good points, I've heard the same argument referring to professors at UofT, that since they are leading researchers etc. they have less time for teaching and interacting with students. Again, I could be wrong about this, but quite a few of them seemed like they were fresh off their Ph.D's at Yale, Harvard etc. which while impressive isn't ideal for me.
  6. Ok thank you for clarifying I didn't know! There were other reasons I chose Queen's over Western besides marginally better hiring last year. I could be wrong, but to me it is pretty obvious which one of the two has the younger average age. At the welcome day I was just surprised by how young a lot of them were.
  7. I definitely am that type of person, and that was a big part of my decision to firm accept. Do you know if there is less of a community experience at UBC?
  8. I really do think highly of the program. Queen's has the third best placement rate on Bay St., the first and second being UofT and Osgoode respectively, but as I mentioned Queen's is significantly cheaper than both those schools. For reference: http://ultravires.ca/2018/11/toronto-2l-hiring-numbers/ If I was to decide on a different career path during school I don't want to feel like I have to take a higher paying corporate job because of the debt. This is also part of why I find the lower tuition at UBC so attractive. I also love the small sections of 25 people and, like another person mentioned, the community experience that Queen's offers. This is more of a personal thing, I feel like it suits my personality more than other schools that don't do this. UBC offers something similar, but it is a small group of 50. I found the faculty really impressive as well, particularly the business side of the program there are a few professors that are leaders in their fields. This stuck out to me especially coming from the Western welcome day, where a lot of the professors were extremely young. While I'm sure they are all capable and very intelligent I personally would prefer to learn from more experienced and established professors. These are just a few of the reasons, but I don't want to go on about it too long. Why would you say you're feeling a bit meh about the idea of going?
  9. Ok so here is my situation: I am an Ontario resident. I was accepted to several schools, both inside of Ontario and elsewhere in the country, and after going to several welcome days I decided on Queen's. I was already leaning heavily towards Queen's, but I thought the welcome day was fantastic and it impressed me so much I firm accepted and paid the deposit despite not having heard back from both Osgoode and UofT. I sold myself fully on Queen's, did not want to pay substantially more and wait around for the Toronto schools, and I have started apartment hunting in Kingston. However, I was accepted at UBC today, which has been for quite some time my dream school that I failed to get into for undergrad. I know that you are supposed to study where you want to practice, but you only get to do this once and with UBC's reputation it can't be that difficult to get a job back here if I wanted to and had good grades. I am also not against beginning my career out West, should I for whatever reason have difficulty securing a position in Ontario. I have some family out West and I have lived out West on my own before, but I am very close with my family in Ontario and I'm not ready at this point to make the decision that I want to spend the rest of my career away from them out West. The biggest considerations for me now are: A) The much cheaper tuition at UBC and B) The beautiful campus and city - I am aware that law school is not a vacation but I would be lying if it wasn't a big factor (although I also do like the city of Kingston) and C) Whether or not I would be able to secure a position back in Ontario if I wanted to or if it would make it more difficult for me to potentially land a job out West because they would be worried about me wanting to come back to Ontario. I know it sounds like I have now decided on UBC and I am looking for reassurance, but that is definitely not the case. I love the idea of going to either school for different reasons. I am extremely conflicted and I would just like to hear some outside opinions that I could take into consideration while making this decision. Sorry for the long post!
  10. I was just curious if anyone knew of a decently nice building to rent an apartment that is also pet friendly in Kingston. thanks!
  11. Forgive me if this is a silly question, but does anyone know if people tend to bring their parents or significant others with them, or is it strictly for admitted applicants?
  12. My highest PT was 162 and they usually ranged from 158-160. I only decided at the beginning of january that I was going to write February so only gave myself about a month to study. I just figured I could always write it again. Immediately after I wrote I had to fight the strong urge to cancel my score because I thought I totally bombed the lg section. Ended up getting a 167 Probably the proudest moment of my life reading that email
  13. Received an offer by email to the dual program today
  14. Not sure if there should be a separate thread for this but I was accepted into the dual program by email today Cgpa 3.37 B2 3.75 LSAT 167
  15. Ok thank you for the updated info! Definitely clears things up No worries! Thanks for your responses and I won’t let it deter me. Even though they aren’t fail safe I still feel better knowing I won’t have to face too many 100% finals
  16. For posterity’s sake I felt I should come back here to post that I submitted it via email to the awards office and confirmed by phone call to their office that this was an acceptable way to submit the application
  17. Ok I'm confused again haha. Was this for 1L? Cornonthecob said every full year class had them. The reason I'm asking about this so much is because I'm currently deciding between queen's and western. I've been told from a current student that I know personally at western that they have them for basically every class. So this could be a deciding factor if it has become rare at queen's.
  18. Ah ok, I understand now! Thank you very much
  19. I was hoping to get some clarification about the December exams. From my understanding, most classes offer an optional exam in December to help take some of the pressure off of having a 100% final exam in April. My main question is how much is this December exam worth if you choose to write it? Also, if you score badly can you choose to effectively cancel the score and then have the April exam be worth 100%? Thanks!
  20. I'm a 0L so it is probably too early to be thinking about this, but I recently read in a thread that undergrad marks are looked at when interviewing for 1L/2L jobs and even when seeking an articling position. As someone with a relatively low cGpa 3.37 and a last year that was my lowest due to several circumstances, I'm just curious how much weight is placed on undergrad grades compared to law school grades and if that would actually be a factor when competing for the summer positions even if my 1L grades were high.
  21. Anyone know the best way to submit this form? Do they prefer an email or does a physical copy have to be sent?
  22. Feel exactly the same and have had the same experience with relatives and friends questioning me about it. I've started doing some research about the different areas to try to get a better idea, but like you said I think its something I'll just have to figure out in law school when I find out what is most interesting and what suits my skillset/personality the best
  23. Accepted yesterday as well! 3.83/4.3 with drops 167 LSAT
  24. Could I potentially hop in here and get a copy/paste of that pm? Specifically interested on what uvic campus is like in your opinion compared to others
  25. I would just wait and see. I was so anxious after mine, thought I bombed the logic games section and seriously thought about cancelling and I ended up with a 167.. Unless you're sure you did poorly, ex. Skipped a lot of questions I wouldn't let your fear get the best of you. Just my two cents though, at the end of the day you're the only one who knows how it felt.
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