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    LSAT - Better than expected?

    My highest PT was 162 and they usually ranged from 158-160. I only decided at the beginning of january that I was going to write February so only gave myself about a month to study. I just figured I could always write it again. Immediately after I wrote I had to fight the strong urge to cancel my score because I thought I totally bombed the lg section. Ended up getting a 167 Probably the proudest moment of my life reading that email
  2. I'm a 0L so it is probably too early to be thinking about this, but I recently read in a thread that undergrad marks are looked at when interviewing for 1L/2L jobs and even when seeking an articling position. As someone with a relatively low cGpa 3.37 and a last year that was my lowest due to several circumstances, I'm just curious how much weight is placed on undergrad grades compared to law school grades and if that would actually be a factor when competing for the summer positions even if my 1L grades were high.
  3. hemingway17

    windsor dual?

    Received an offer by email to the dual program today
  4. hemingway17

    Accepted 2019

    Not sure if there should be a separate thread for this but I was accepted into the dual program by email today Cgpa 3.37 B2 3.75 LSAT 167
  5. hemingway17

    Ask a 1L!

    Ok thank you for the updated info! Definitely clears things up No worries! Thanks for your responses and I won’t let it deter me. Even though they aren’t fail safe I still feel better knowing I won’t have to face too many 100% finals
  6. hemingway17

    Queen's Admission Bursary

    For posterity’s sake I felt I should come back here to post that I submitted it via email to the awards office and confirmed by phone call to their office that this was an acceptable way to submit the application
  7. hemingway17

    Ask a 1L!

    Ok I'm confused again haha. Was this for 1L? Cornonthecob said every full year class had them. The reason I'm asking about this so much is because I'm currently deciding between queen's and western. I've been told from a current student that I know personally at western that they have them for basically every class. So this could be a deciding factor if it has become rare at queen's.
  8. hemingway17

    Ask a 1L!

    Ah ok, I understand now! Thank you very much
  9. hemingway17

    Ask a 1L!

    I was hoping to get some clarification about the December exams. From my understanding, most classes offer an optional exam in December to help take some of the pressure off of having a 100% final exam in April. My main question is how much is this December exam worth if you choose to write it? Also, if you score badly can you choose to effectively cancel the score and then have the April exam be worth 100%? Thanks!
  10. hemingway17

    Queen's Admission Bursary

    Anyone know the best way to submit this form? Do they prefer an email or does a physical copy have to be sent?
  11. hemingway17

    What type of law do you want to practice?

    Feel exactly the same and have had the same experience with relatives and friends questioning me about it. I've started doing some research about the different areas to try to get a better idea, but like you said I think its something I'll just have to figure out in law school when I find out what is most interesting and what suits my skillset/personality the best
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    Accepted to UVic 2019

    Accepted yesterday as well! 3.83/4.3 with drops 167 LSAT
  13. hemingway17

    UVic vs Dalhousie

    Could I potentially hop in here and get a copy/paste of that pm? Specifically interested on what uvic campus is like in your opinion compared to others
  14. hemingway17

    Not sure if I should cancel

    I would just wait and see. I was so anxious after mine, thought I bombed the logic games section and seriously thought about cancelling and I ended up with a 167.. Unless you're sure you did poorly, ex. Skipped a lot of questions I wouldn't let your fear get the best of you. Just my two cents though, at the end of the day you're the only one who knows how it felt.
  15. hemingway17

    Advice on what to do? Accept or re-apply?

    Fair point, it was my first write. As I said my post was really just to show that a higher lsat (if achievable) would likely result in more success next cycle. Other than that I agree with most of what you said, although I don't think this person is lucky to have an acceptance. I think those stats are pretty competitive for Lakehead, Windsor and quite a few out of province schools, based purely on what I have seen on the accepted threads.
  16. hemingway17

    Advice on what to do? Accept or re-apply?

    I have pretty similar stats: 3.37 cGPA / 3.5 L2 but my LSAT is 167. So far I have been accepted to Queen's, Western, Windsor and Lakehead. Only writing this to point out that a high LSAT score could open doors if sansmj was dead set against going to Lakehead and believed he/she could achieve a higher LSAT score given another year to practice and write under better circumstances. With that said, I was fully prepared to accept Lakehead if no other offers had come in (they were my first) rather than waiting another year to reapply. I suppose it depends on your situation, whether you can handle waiting another year, can see some benefits such as working and saving up, or how much you hate the idea of living in Thunder Bay.
  17. hemingway17

    On Campus Housing

    I am also a 0L but I lived in one of the upper year residences during undergrad and the building I lived in was actually really nice. I'd recommend checking out and applying for London Hall. Its pretty quiet, filled with serious/older students and minimal partying. There's also student lounges and a small gym in the building. It's where I lived and apparently it's a lot nicer than the other upper year building. If I end up accepting Western that's where I'll be headed! With that said, it will probably be more expensive than living off-campus and there are a lot of close options for that. There is a mandatory meal plan with living on residence which makes it even more expensive. So potentially something to research and consider
  18. hemingway17

    Accepted to Western 2019

    Accepted today! cGPA: 3.37 L2: 3.5 B2: 3.74 LSAT: 167 Good EC's and I like to think a pretty strong PS
  19. hemingway17

    Accepted to Queens 2019

    Ok good to know, thanks!
  20. hemingway17

    Accepted to Queens 2019

    Does anyone know if they send a physical copy of the acceptance letter by mail?
  21. hemingway17

    Accepted to Queens 2019

    Accepted! cGpa: 3.37 B2: 3.74 LSAT: 167 I'm really excited, wasn't sure I had a chance because everyone told me the school weighs GPA so heavily. I think my PS did a good job of explaining why my GPA was lower and I had decent ECs (volunteered throughout undergrad, played varsity soccer)
  22. hemingway17

    Accepted 2019

    Accepted on Jan 14! Just got around to making an account today cGPA: 3.37 B2: 3.74 LSAT: 167
  23. hemingway17

    Offer not showing up on OLSAS

    Same! I was accepted the same day as you. I emailed them asking about it once I realized the offer wasn't showing up in OLSAS but they never emailed me back. Nice to know I'm not the only one