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  1. I apologize if I am reading this comment out of context but I'm so tired of reading comments implying that Indigenous application streams come second to general applications.
  2. Not sure why you think "Aboriginal files" would be dealt with any differently than other files. Admissions in many categories are giving concurrently with general files. Can confirm - I am an Indigenous applicant who received an acceptance in January. It's quite possible that some students don't want to share their stats and indicate that they have applied through the Indigenous stream because of the preconceived notion that Indigenous students get an "easier ride" with "lower stats". This is not the case and I suggest we change our language in these forums to make Indigenous students feel more comfortable sharing.
  3. Thank you, very helpful!!
  4. If I have a car, is it worth living farther from campus to save on rent? I read on the website that Queen's parking passes are ~100/month so that kind negates the 100-200 I'd save living farther... Thoughts? Do people prefer living closer to the law school? Thank you kindly for your opinions
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