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  1. Thanks to every one who replied to my post. I am certainly going to do the tips recommended.
  2. Can any one tell me how to improve on reading comprehension. I have basically gone up 30 points from 136- 164/168 in my practice. 164 if I bomb the reading sections and 168 if I understand the passages. I really want to know a good resource or a book or any tutor any one can recommend so I can improve on my reading comp. I range between 14/27-18/27. I would really like to get at least 20/27 if not more. RC is super frustrating. Also if any one has any tips on how to be on time and read fast. I am taking the January Lsat.
  3. Any one in Vancouver taking the January Lsat would like to study together? My schedule is pretty flexible Monday-Thursday. I live in North Vancouver area. Let me know any one whose interested.
  4. I know if you’re to apply discretionary category you should have at-least 2 years of undergrad. I am applying under this category in a number of other law schools. I wasn’t going to apply to UBC at first. Just out of curiosity I wanted to know if it’s worth applying if you don’t have 2 years of undergrad. I am writing the Lsat in January. If any one has any information please share it here. Thank you
  5. Can any one of you tell me where the personal statement needs to be uploaded? I don’t see a section on OLSAS for personal statement. I only see autobiographical sketch.
  6. Hey Guys I am taking the January 2020 Lsat. A lot of the Ontario schools application deadline is November 1. Now my question is as I will apply before November 1, will my reference letters and personal statement documents required to be uploaded by November 1 too? My Lsat is in January 2020 I would think it doesn’t matter as my application won’t be compete until my January score is released. Any input will be valuable. Thank you
  7. I am sure if you call them and explain them this, it’ll all be fixed. I’ve emailed them and called them in the last and calling them is a better way to get through them.
  8. Does any one know if the power score training books are any good for extra practice? If so is volume 1 sufficient? Iwas also thinking about the powerscore work books. I have completed the bibles and I pretty much have every Lsat exam on me since the 90’s. I am retaking the exam in February. My recent score was very disappointing 146. I was definitely doing way better in my pt’s. I have changed my study technique and hoping to score in the high 160’s-170. Any recommendation would be appreciated.
  9. I now have taken the LSAT twice. My question is regarding the writing section. Will I have to complete the writing section from my previous Lsat even if it is lower than my current one? Because schools only use the highest score for admission.
  10. Has any one on the forum studied law in England? Plans to study or know any one whose studies? And if yes, how was the experience and how hard or easy was it to find job in Canada? Just curious. Thanks
  11. Hi Guys is any one aware if Windsor law has a mature student/special considerations/ discretionary category?
  12. And in case of special consideration students, Who don’t have an undergrad? I’ve just completed one year towards my degree. I also fall in the mature category. I’ve had family obligations that kept me from going to school but I have 7+ years of work experience starting up a business and helping out my husband.
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