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  1. Wow that is awesome. I am hoping they consider me in that case. I have not a similar story yet a similar story. Thanks for answering that. All the best for your application.
  2. All the best to you as well. Thank you for replying.This makes me really happy. I am writing my lsat in June. I am quite nervous for the application process honestly. Do you have any idea what sort of a work experience did she have?
  3. Hi guys Has any one been accepted to law school with just a diploma and a good lsat score. I haven’t written my lsat. I am writing it in June. I only have 2 years of university study and 7+ years of work & business set up experience. Also good references. I would obviously demonstrate all the years from 20-27 ( I am currently 27) my work experience, Challenges & achievements. I just wanted to get an idea if there is any one here or any one knows any one who was in a similar situation and got into any law schools in Canada. I am planning to apply to Manitoba & Dalhousie for next year and I am a BC resident.
  4. I plan to apply this September for next year under the individual discretionary category. I am writing my Lsat June 3. Because of family responsibilities I wasn’t able to complete my undergrad I am a 2nd year 27 year old student. Does any one know any one who got in without an undergrad in IC category?
  5. Honestly you’re score is so impressive. Please keep all of us updated as to what law school you got into. I am writing the lsat in June. I am in full study mode at the Moment and I too plan on doing one practice test everyday all of april and May. All the best
  6. Thanks I think i’ll first just get the bible and then if I need to i’ll get the work book. 😊
  7. Yes that’s my problem at this point. I can be sure once I get my logic games right i’ll See atleast a 10 point improvement. Also should I get the work book along with it too?
  8. Hi everyone i wanted to know if the power score logic games bible has questions to drill with answers or only explanations to questions?
  9. Hi guys this is for a friend. She’s studying at TRU 1L. What are her chances to Move to the states for other 2 years of study. What I mean is, is an international college transfer possible? Thank you
  10. Hey guys any one know’s if any law schools in Canada start in spring or summer session? I couldn’t find any schools, just wanted to double check. Thanks
  11. Okay i’ll Keep that in mind. Does any one know how many students tend to get in without a degree?
  12. 3.2 i aim to get 170 + in my lsat as my practice score is almost 168-172
  13. Hello every one. Just wanted a realistic answer. I have 40 credits and I plan to apply under the mature category at various universities across Canada. Can some one please tell me how many universities would end up accepting some one who hasn’t done their undergrad. I plan to do 45 credits more before I apply to a law school. I am doing my lsat in June 2019. I have 7+ years of experience in running my own business and managing school and family along with everything else. Thank you
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