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  1. I now have taken the LSAT twice. My question is regarding the writing section. Will I have to complete the writing section from my previous Lsat even if it is lower than my current one? Because schools only use the highest score for admission.
  2. Has any one on the forum studied law in England? Plans to study or know any one whose studies? And if yes, how was the experience and how hard or easy was it to find job in Canada? Just curious. Thanks
  3. Hi Guys is any one aware if Windsor law has a mature student/special considerations/ discretionary category?
  4. And in case of special consideration students, Who don’t have an undergrad? I’ve just completed one year towards my degree. I also fall in the mature category. I’ve had family obligations that kept me from going to school but I have 7+ years of work experience starting up a business and helping out my husband.
  5. Hi Everyone My mentor who herself is a lawyer and knows me personally. Can she be one of my references for law school application?
  6. Thank you all. On the ticket checklist it says to get the ticket as well as a picture. So I guess I’ll get it printed. @TimhortonsCup thank you and all the best to you as well 😊
  7. Hi guys I have my lsat exam on this Monday. I just saw my admission ticket it says I need to print out a copy of the picture I uploaded on my LSAC account. Now does that have to be the dimensions they have mentioned? I basically took a picture on my laptop with a plain white background and adjusted it to the required dimensions online through an app. Can some one please tell guide me on this? Thanks to all in advance.
  8. Thanks to every one who replied. This definitely made me more clear as to where I stand prep wise.
  9. Hi guys i have my lsat in one month. Now I have started practicing timed sections. Can any one be kind enough to give some tips on how to be on time and have my answers correct. I see because of time pressure my score drops very low both on arguments and games. Any advice will be appreciated.
  10. Wow that is awesome. I am hoping they consider me in that case. I have not a similar story yet a similar story. Thanks for answering that. All the best for your application.
  11. All the best to you as well. Thank you for replying.This makes me really happy. I am writing my lsat in June. I am quite nervous for the application process honestly. Do you have any idea what sort of a work experience did she have?
  12. Hi guys Has any one been accepted to law school with just a diploma and a good lsat score. I haven’t written my lsat. I am writing it in June. I only have 2 years of university study and 7+ years of work & business set up experience. Also good references. I would obviously demonstrate all the years from 20-27 ( I am currently 27) my work experience, Challenges & achievements. I just wanted to get an idea if there is any one here or any one knows any one who was in a similar situation and got into any law schools in Canada. I am planning to apply to Manitoba & Dalhousie for next year and I am a BC resident.
  13. I plan to apply this September for next year under the individual discretionary category. I am writing my Lsat June 3. Because of family responsibilities I wasn’t able to complete my undergrad I am a 2nd year 27 year old student. Does any one know any one who got in without an undergrad in IC category?
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