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  1. I don't know what I want. Biglaw probably isn't it long term, but I'm hoping it will allow me to figure out what I like. I've heard that a lot of people move from biglaw into different areas after a few years. I've also heard that its VERY hard to do it the opposite way (move from a different area to biglaw). This could all be a lie... I'm really not sure.
  2. I've searched this forum for a thread on firm dinners, but all I could find were discussions on accepting/declining dinners or discussions on table etiquette. What is the point of these dinners and how do you succeed at them? I'm wondering what to expect, what you talk about, and how you interact with other student candidates at the dinner who are competing for the same job as you. From what I can imagine, this seems like an absolutely horrible dynamic. 😓
  3. Why is this such a bad thing? The way I see it, a couple years of biglaw will pay off my student loans and then I'll be free to move into an area that is more interesting to me without $100k of debt to weigh me down.
  4. I agree with the post above. You definitely have a strong shot at Osgoode.
  5. No problem! If you have any other questions about profs or 1L don't hesitate to PM me! 😊
  6. Legal process I is basically legal research and writing. You take it full-year with all four sections in the moot court room. Pretty much no one actually attends this class. Legal process II refers to civil procedure, which you take in winter semester only. You will hear people refer to Legal process I as "legal process" or "LP" and refer to legal process II as "civ pro". Civ pro is taught by a different professor than the one who teaches LP and each section takes civ pro individually, rather than as a group. At the end of the year, you have one mark for legal process which is worth a whopping 8 credits (most classes are only 4 credits). The mark is 50% your LP mark and 50% your civ pro mark.
  7. You do get to pick an elective seminar which will be added to your winter schedule. If I remember correctly, in October or November they release seminar descriptions and you have to rank your top 3 seminar choices. Hopefully you get into the one you want - but many people have to settle for their second or third choice. Your schedule may look full now - but you will have to add a seminar to winter semester. This is not so bad because its just one 3-hour class.
  8. Congrats! Did the firm extend the offer by phone or email?
  9. Thanks for all the responses. Do you also think its ok that I miss all of the open houses/networking opportunities that firms are having right now because I'm not in Toronto for the summer?
  10. I have some questions about what I should be doing this summer to give myself the best shot at successfully landing a Bay St job this fall. For context, I'm at Osgoode and I finished 1L with an A average. When I started law school I really did not know what I wanted to do, so I didn't join the business law society or do any other business law extra-circulars. I have an arts degree for an undergrad. I did a fair amount of volunteering (CLASP, PBSC) in 1L, but nothing I did suggests that I'm interested in corporate law at all. My job this summer is in a non-corporate area of law. Given these factors: 1. what can I do this summer to demonstrate an interest in corporate law? If I don't find anything corporate to add to my resume before August, how much will that impact my chances? 2. What strategies can I use to network/determine which firm is best suited to my interests if I'm not in Toronto for the summer?
  11. i think you're gonna be disappointed
  12. Lots of Osgoode students live at St Clair and Bathurst. St. Clair west subway station, busses, and streetcars are all right there and there's a big loblaws there as well. It's super easy to get to Osgoode or downtown!
  13. No problem 😊 I didn't mean to suggest that you need to buy a new dress - like I said, there was a lot of variety in formality so you can probably wear whatever dress you have on hand. But if you need an excuse to treat yourself to a new dress then, of course, go for it gal! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
  14. I called them last year after being placed on the waitlist to inquire about how the process works and that's what they told me. Maybe they were lying - but they were clear that it was random and that everyone on the waitlist had the same chance of getting a spot.
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