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  1. Thanks for all the responses. Do you also think its ok that I miss all of the open houses/networking opportunities that firms are having right now because I'm not in Toronto for the summer?
  2. I have some questions about what I should be doing this summer to give myself the best shot at successfully landing a Bay St job this fall. For context, I'm at Osgoode and I finished 1L with an A average. When I started law school I really did not know what I wanted to do, so I didn't join the business law society or do any other business law extra-circulars. I have an arts degree for an undergrad. I did a fair amount of volunteering (CLASP, PBSC) in 1L, but nothing I did suggests that I'm interested in corporate law at all. My job this summer is in a non-corporate area of law. Given these factors: 1. what can I do this summer to demonstrate an interest in corporate law? If I don't find anything corporate to add to my resume before August, how much will that impact my chances? 2. What strategies can I use to network/determine which firm is best suited to my interests if I'm not in Toronto for the summer?
  3. i think you're gonna be disappointed
  4. Lots of Osgoode students live at St Clair and Bathurst. St. Clair west subway station, busses, and streetcars are all right there and there's a big loblaws there as well. It's super easy to get to Osgoode or downtown!
  5. No problem 😊 I didn't mean to suggest that you need to buy a new dress - like I said, there was a lot of variety in formality so you can probably wear whatever dress you have on hand. But if you need an excuse to treat yourself to a new dress then, of course, go for it gal! 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
  6. I called them last year after being placed on the waitlist to inquire about how the process works and that's what they told me. Maybe they were lying - but they were clear that it was random and that everyone on the waitlist had the same chance of getting a spot.
  7. If it's the same as last year, there are no "positions" on the waitlist. When a spot opens up, they chose someone randomly off the waitlist and call them to ask if they want the spot.
  8. Don't worry too much about this weird tradition 😂 Most people can't dance and get to hide in the back. Some (but few) people bailed on it completely.
  9. Hi! I was just as excited as you last year and also scoured this forum for details on o week . I don't think plans for this year's orientation have been fully finalized yet, but I can tell you what happened last year. The first day was a marathon - we had to arrive at Osgoode at 8am and the events of the day didn't finish until around 8:30pm. During the day, we toured the school, sat in a presentation or two in the moot court, went to old Osgoode to tour around and take a group photo, and then went to a bar near old Osgoode where they provided some much needed food. The old Osgoode tour was unessecary and tiring and I hope they get rid of it this year. Day 1 really isn't formal at all - just wear something comfy and know that you will be getting an orientation tshirt to put on once you get to the school. I'd also recommend bringing a backpack, a waterbottle, and a snack because the day is SO long and you'll be given this big awkward tote bag of goodies from firms and it's nice to be able to put it in your backpack instead of lugging it around. I can't remember the exact schedule, but I think day 2 was a beach volleyball and board game day. Once again, it's super informal and you have to wear your orientation shirt. That night we had the boat cruise on Toronto harbour - which is amazing. For us, the dress code was semi formal black and white and there was a big variety of formality amongst the group. Most women wore short or midlength dresses and men mostly wore dress shirts and pants. After the boat cruise everyone heads to a bar and people generally got pretty drunk. I think day 3 was an event on Toronto island. Once again, 1Ls were expected to wear there orientation shirts. I didn't go to this because I was too hungover from the boat cruise. There was also an optional blue jays game and ROM tour that I didn't go to. There are a lot of drinking events. One night there was karaoke In the JCR (the student bar at Osgoode), and there was also a pub crawl of the Church/Wellesley area. On the last night there is the "Deans Gala", which is the most formal event of the week. Once again, there was a lot of variety in clothing. I found that women wore a lot more full length dresses than they did on the boat cruise but it was still probably at least half short dresses. I think the men wore suits. At this event, the "winner" of O week is announced and members of each section win awards for being "most spirited". O-week is a competition between the 4 1L sections to win O-week, and all week there are competitions to earn "points" for your section (e.g. At beach volleyball, karaoke). Throughout O-week and during the time we were taking ELGC we had to attend almost daily "dance practices" where our orientation leaders taught our section this choreographed dance. All the sections perform their dance at the Dean's Gala and it's worth the most points in the competition. If you want a more detailed breakdown of the timeline just let me know. I was too lazy to dig up my old o-week schedule, but you can probably access it online. Congrats on getting into Osgoode and I will see you this fall!
  10. Can anyone shed some light on how one becomes a dean's fellow? Do the people who got A+s in the class get asked by the prof? Or is there some sort of application process? Any insight is appreciated.
  11. so with an A/A/B+ from Oz I shouldn't even bother?
  12. What kind of grades do you need to be successful in the 1L recruit? Also, do you need law experience or a business background? I don't want to bother if its going to be a waste of my time - but I also don't want to pass up an opportunity if I have a decent shot.
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