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  1. No - getting the interview is the problem. Given that I had more OCI offers than I could take I think I look pretty decent on paper. I also have friends who similarly had more OCI offers than they could take who are in the same situation. Clearly there is some special sauce involved in even getting a shot at these post-recruit gigs. Sadly, I have to figure out what that is before I can even worry about interview skills.
  2. so basically there's nothing I can do to improve my chances of getting an interview, i shouldn't bother trying to figure it out, life is meaningless, and existence is futile. 😍
  3. Right, but I'm wondering if anyone who has been hired/interviewed so far can shed some light on why they think they we're chosen, etc.
  4. For people who have been hired so far post recruit - did you do any networking with the firm beforehand? Blaney did not even extend an interview to several people who I thought were top candidates based on their grades/resumes and I'm wondering what it is these places are looking for?
  5. LOL no I think that's crazy (and holy shit I hope not). Apps we're very recently due and they must have an insane amount to sift through. I know multiple people with A averages at Oz who pulled 20(+) OCIs that haven't heard anything yet
  6. Its actually such a genius strategy for a smaller full-service firm. 3 weeks ago these candidates might not have even accepted an in-firm with WF - now top-tier candidates are absolutely clamouring for a job and WF can have their pick
  7. what kind of stats do people who are hearing from WF have?
  8. Did WF just call you randomly for a phone interview or do they set up a time in advance?
  9. I don't know what I want. Biglaw probably isn't it long term, but I'm hoping it will allow me to figure out what I like. I've heard that a lot of people move from biglaw into different areas after a few years. I've also heard that its VERY hard to do it the opposite way (move from a different area to biglaw). This could all be a lie... I'm really not sure.
  10. I've searched this forum for a thread on firm dinners, but all I could find were discussions on accepting/declining dinners or discussions on table etiquette. What is the point of these dinners and how do you succeed at them? I'm wondering what to expect, what you talk about, and how you interact with other student candidates at the dinner who are competing for the same job as you. From what I can imagine, this seems like an absolutely horrible dynamic. 😓
  11. Why is this such a bad thing? The way I see it, a couple years of biglaw will pay off my student loans and then I'll be free to move into an area that is more interesting to me without $100k of debt to weigh me down.
  12. I agree with the post above. You definitely have a strong shot at Osgoode.
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