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  1. Will be rejecting for TRU. A seat should open up. CGPA: 3.55 L2: 3.7/3.8 LSAT: 150
  2. Accepted today. CGPA: 3.55 L2: 3.7/3.8 LSAT: 150
  3. Waitlisted. Did not expect it. L2 3.7/3.8 LSAT Average: 149.5 Already accepted somewhere else, but would be interested in attending U of A.
  4. Accepted today. I thought I would add this in to tie up this thread. Excited for law school!
  5. Accepted today. CGPA: 3.55 L2: 3.7/3.8 LSAT: 150 I have a detailed post regarding my experiences on this forum. I will be accepting. Excited for law school!
  6. I also received the Open House invitation. Make sure you check your spam folder. That is where mine was. On another note, I called Leanne and she informed me that my file was being reviewed by the admissions committee. I applied in early November. She informed me that I should hear back by March 15th. However, she also said that may not be the case. They are a bit behind and I may get an update near the end of March or early April. Hopefully, this provides you a timeline for yourselves.
  7. I found the email I received from TRU stating that I would be updated near the end of February. I also gave them a call a week ago and was told over the phone that I would be updated on the status of my application at the end of February. However, I have not heard back from TRU. Has anyone else that had February heard back?
  8. Hmmm. I still haven't received an email from TRU. I didn't even get one when my file was complete. I will probably give them a call this week to see what is happening.
  9. Hey @learning31, the following are their stats: 152, 3.77 L2, 3.2 CGPA 151, 3.6 L2, 3.3 CGPA 154, 3.1 CGPA Since last year they looked at L3, none of the above L2s are confirmed.
  10. Mine also says pending review. My To Do List also changed. It only shows that my transcript is initiated whereas before it had all of my application components as initiated. Anybody else in the same boat?
  11. I have not received any emails from TRU regarding my application. If you don't mind me asking, when did you receive the email?
  12. Hello, I was wondering what my chances would be for TRU? My cGPA is 3.55 with my last 2 years being 3.8 (20 courses) out of a 4.33 GPA. I also received my degree with distinction. I believe my personal statement and references were strong. I have worked extensively with both of my references and they informed me of what they were including in the letters. As for my experiences, I would say that I have been extensively involved in the university. I was a founder and executive member of multiple student clubs ($20,000 yearly budget per club), organized my faculty's largest event ($50,000 budget), volunteered at the university's career services, worked as a teaching assistant for my faculty, was elected by students to serve on the student union's Board (multimillion nonprofit), and was appointed on multiple university committees. Outside of the university, I worked for the entirety of my degree. My LSAT is a 150. I only wrote the test once. However, a few incidents occurred prior to my test which did not allow me to perform to the best of my ability. I do know that this is not a competitive score. I was planning on writing the test again but another personal matter has come up which will not allow me to perform to the best of my ability. I have seen from past threads, and personally know, students who have been admitted with a 152-155 LSAT with lower grades and limited experience. Do I have a chance or am I just screwed?
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