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  1. Hi all, I have rented a house close to the school. Originally my partner was going to follow shortly but this has been delayed indefinitely. As such, I'm looking for a roommate. Preferably female but not absolutely necessary. Must be okay living with a cat and a dog. PM for details
  2. I was much earlier in the cycle. As were a few others. Not sure about more recently. Best of luck.
  3. Ah end of July is fine! I just will likely need it for the move. Thank you for the info.
  4. Do we need our schedule/registration for courses to get our certificate of enrollment? I ask because I've been approved for the SLoC and need some proof of enrollment to finalize it.
  5. Hey, I'm moving from BC. I found a place through Kijiji. I had just been scanning the ads regularly. I was going to rent an extra month in July just to secure a place but ended up finding one that started mid August. So my suggestion is keep an eye out there. Also avoid Marda. They were awful and rude when I spoke with them. As for course enrollment I believe we dont have to first year. I'm under the impression we get registered by the school. I could be wrong but when I was reading the handbook for the MSW/JD program that's what I got from it. I know you can check your uwinsite and at the top where it says applicant click it should drop down and there should be a student option if your account is activated. Mine is not yet. Not sure if others are. We will also be receiving a welcome package in the beginning of August through mail with more info I believe.
  6. Yea. They had a place or two that I figured would be ideal. Now I'm trying to shift through their stuff to find other companies. It really is unfortunate seeing as they have so many rentals. I will be avoiding them at all cost. She essentially threatened to make my life hell if I brought a pet into one place I was looking at when I acknowledged that I wasnt looking to force my pet into any place where she's not welcome. She also didnt really listen to what I was saying about my circumstances and started off our discussion saying she couldn't rent a place to me because I wasn't a student. I think they might not be worth the potential hassle of dealing with them. Even if they have a monopoly. Good luck on your search though!
  7. I agree re: kijiji I was thinking a management company would be best. I had a really unpleasant interaction with Marda and they ultimately said they cant rent sight unseen. Just in case you're in the same boat. They were really unpleasant in the short span of the interaction. After I made this post I spoke with someone from rent4all and she was very nice. She said they can do a facetime walkthrough or send a video of the place.
  8. I was wondering what those of you who don't live in Windsor will be doing for rentals. I have begun the search and I'm finding it difficult as I live in Vancouver. I likely cant fly out as I'm on a very tight timeline to finish a practicum this summer. Has anyone had luck renting from afar? Any tips?
  9. I was accepted to the MSW/JD advanced standing last week and have decided to go that route rather than the straight JD. I hope that means a spot in the JD program opens up for someone. Best of luck to everyone still waiting. See those of you who are going to Windsor in the fall.
  10. Also got my rejection. Also not surprised, teensy bit bummed though as I will be moving to Ontario (Windsor) from Vancouver and know people in Toronto. cGPA 3.05, L2: 3.81, B3: 3.81, LSAT 162 Best of luck to everyone for the rest of the admissions cycle!!
  11. Received my acceptance today. Accepted off the waitlist. Cgpa: 3.05, L2: 3.81 LSAT: 162
  12. Cgpa: 3.05 L2: 3.81 LSAT 162 Close to 7000 hours of work experience in government social services. Some forensic mental health research.
  13. You should be excited. I just called, they said I should be getting an offer in the next few days. It's not for waitlisted students.
  14. I got one on Friday and just now. Still waitlisted. No acceptance.
  15. Welp I'm not gonna count my chickens before they hatch. Back to waiting
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