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  1. Received my acceptance today. Accepted off the waitlist. Cgpa: 3.05, L2: 3.81 LSAT: 162
  2. Cgpa: 3.05 L2: 3.81 LSAT 162 Close to 7000 hours of work experience in government social services. Some forensic mental health research.
  3. You should be excited. I just called, they said I should be getting an offer in the next few days. It's not for waitlisted students.
  4. I got one on Friday and just now. Still waitlisted. No acceptance.
  5. Welp I'm not gonna count my chickens before they hatch. Back to waiting
  6. Wondering if anyone else who was waitlisted received the March 27th meet and greet invitation today? Someone in another thread said they had called and confirmed it was for accepted students only but I havent been accepted. Was thinking they maybe invited waitlisted people too?
  7. Hey, I'm waitlisted and see this too. I feel like reading too much into the changes on the system is a dangerous game. Not to be a downer.
  8. No my to do list was all initiated and then it disappeared entirely. It said no to dos found I think. That was a couple weeks before my status changed I believe.
  9. Yea more waiting and breath holding. Best of luck to you as well. I'll keep my fingers crossed for us both Haha.
  10. I think my status changed beginning of February and I got waitlisted the end of last week. When I called to check on the status of my applications they said it can take between four to six weeks for your file to be reviewed once its referred to admissions committee.
  11. Best of luck to you as well and fingers crossed.
  12. Yes. Tailored to Windsor as it was one of the only schools I applied to. I feel like my LORs were decent. I had my clinical supervisor at work write one as she is aware of my work in program implementation as well as my general work ethic and knowledge. As well as a prof from my current degree who was more than happy to write one for me. Who knows. Maybe a more solid set of personal statements next year. I admittedly spent less time on them than I would have liked to due to working full time and coursework at the same time. Possibly rewriting the LSAT as I feel I could have done better but had bad luck (car accident a day before first write, serious health issue requiring hospitalization the month before the second write)
  13. Waitlisted Friday morning. 3.05 cgpa 3.81 L2 LSAT 162 (both times) BA in Psych and just finishing up a BSW. PS was social justice oriented. I also have several thousand hours of experience in social services, as well as research experience in a forensic setting. Still waiting to hear about my combined degree application. Mildly confused by how early they are waitlisting and not sure if I should hold out hope...
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