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  1. Agreed! I am wondering if Vancouver firms will be raising student salaries any time soon. Hopefully they follow Toronto and the recent increases in pay!
  2. Hey everyone, was wondering if someone would be willing to outline some of the major differences between working at national and regional firms in Van. Also, I have heard it is harder to get summer positions with some of the Van regional firms than some of the national firms with smaller offices? To what extent would you find this to be true?
  3. Maybe in the wake of COVID and the announcement of online classes, students with higher GPAs and LSAT scores deferred a year so that they could start in-person classes if COVID died down the following year. Now those applicants are applying this year and as a result there is an oversaturated pool of applicants with high stats. Also, maybe more sitting around doing nothing all day = "maybe I should try law school and start writing the LSAT" IDK mere speculation
  4. My apologies, @Mal feel free to delete this thread. Obviously, I overstepped and should have never of made this post.
  5. Hey, I always enjoyed going through the discussion board for "Bob's Totally Biased, but not entirely Arbitrary Assessments of [Toronto] Firms". So, I thought I would start one for Van. Granted, this is probably a bit more arbitrary! Feel free to offer your, likely, more justified opinions. Here it is: Tier 1: Fasken, BLG, Lawson Lundell, Blakes, McCarthys, and Farris Tier 2: Gowling, Osler, Stikeman Elliott, Norton Rose, Bennett Jones, Clark Wilson, Dentons, McMillan and Cassels Brock Tier 3: Harper Grey, AHBL, Sangra Moller and Miller Thompson Tier 4: Whitelaw, MLT, Lindsay Kenney, Segev
  6. NALP has a decent breakdown. Generally though: 2nd Year Student: $1250/wk Articling: $65,000 1st Year: $105,000
  7. Hey, was wondering if anyone could comment on what they thought were the most competitive Vancouver firms for recruit!
  8. I was wondering what others would say are the best Vancouver firms for students who want to be a corporate lawyer, specifically those who want to work on the biggest and most complex transactional files in Van. Not from Van originally so any insight would be really appreciated!
  9. When is the 2022 Toronto Articling Recruit and how competitive is it?
  10. Hey Everyone, I have heard a few numbers thrown around over the past few days for in-firm interview offered to students. For example, I heard BLG is conducting around 100 in-firms this year and hiring 25, and Tory's is conducting 56 and hiring 15-20. Just wondering if anyone else has heard any numbers for other firms?
  11. I received interviewers for Torys and Davies Anyone hear from BLG or Gowling?
  12. https://www.rentfaster.ca/on/toronto/rentals/?l=14,43.6527,-79.3892&proximity_type=location-city&price_range_adv[from]=1500&price_range_adv[to]=2500&type=Apartment,Condo,Loft&beds=1,1 %2B Den&baths=1,1.5,2,2.5,3%2B&home_features=Balcony,Laundry - In Suite
  13. I got a call from Harper Grey Also, Lawson Declined MLT
  14. My roommate has not. He thinks he 100% got an in-firm (has gotten most firms he has applied to so far), so probably has not sent out ITC yet.
  15. ITC: MLT and Lawson Lundell
  16. Anyone know if ITCs are sent out all at once or alphabetically? Also, I know Fasken, for example, has sent out some ITCs already. Do you know if they will be sending ITCs to other applicants over the next couple of days, or just this morning?
  17. ITC: Davies, Torys, Gowling, BLG PFO: Blakes, Stikeman, BJ, Goodmans, Osler Still waiting to hear from: McCarthys and NRF (Anyone hear from these firms?) *Calgary Student
  18. So I've heard Calgary is not in the law games ? Is this true, and if so, why ?
  19. Would like to know people's experiences for the best/worst firms to work at in regards to work/life balance, compensation, benefits, mentorship, career growth, etc.
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