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  1. So I've heard Calgary is not in the law games ? Is this true, and if so, why ?
  2. Would like to know people's experiences for the best/worst firms to work at in regards to work/life balance, compensation, benefits, mentorship, career growth, etc.
  3. Agreed ! I've just never seen/ heard it used. Kinda want to make a thread now just for cool words.
  4. Cherryhill is fine... I lived there for a bit, just make sure you get a nice place... don't cheap out in london. Cherryhill is close to a metro so that's good. Not sure about Blossom Gates. The best locations I have found to live was along Richmond St. Good Buildings to live in: Luxe Apartments (right by campus) - can walk to campus 675 Richmond (Closer to Downtown but still on Richmond.. Better if you have a car) - 15 min bus ride Also you could live in the Red Bricks along Western rd, they are supposed to be good.
  5. Hey just wanted to get an idea of what a summer student can expect to make working in Calgary in BigLaw ?
  6. I also passionate about law, just trying to find some way to bridge multiple disciplines I am passionate about.
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_law. And no probably not.. I would probably have to move to the states if I were to pursue a career in "Space Law'.
  8. @Iheartcats thanks, I was planning to eventually to reach out to people. I just assume that spacelaw does not have a big presence in the Canadian marketplace, which may make it difficult for me if I choose to pursue a career in it.
  9. So I'm a 0L at CalgLaw and I don't know what type of law I want to end up practicing. I have a background in finance from my undergrad, but what I am truly passionate about is Science, Tech and Space. Space Law stands out to me especially as I think it will be growing market and a field that would provide for an interesting legal career. However, I don't know if it is practical for a Canadian law student to pursue a career in Space Law or even how to go about doing it. Any advice is appreciated !
  10. I understand that in order to write the California Bar you need one year of a formal legal education. That is why I plan on doing a LLM there. I also have contacts in Corporate, Space and Entertainment law that I plan to use to secure employment and hopefully a sponsorship. Maybe I'll look into the NY recruit to at least get some exposure to American Law if I get a job. Do you know how competitive the NY recruit is/ what stats are competitive to get recruited ?
  11. Hey if anyone has some textbooks I could buy or good outlines please message me !
  12. @pzabbythesecond Sorry I'm a 0L so you will have to excuse my ignorance. I go to Calgary and have family in California and have always wanted to move there eventually. I plan on completing my JD in Canada and then doing a LLM at a law school in Cali. What/ when is the american recruit ?
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