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  1. I understand that in order to write the California Bar you need one year of a formal legal education. That is why I plan on doing a LLM there. I also have contacts in Corporate, Space and Entertainment law that I plan to use to secure employment and hopefully a sponsorship. Maybe I'll look into the NY recruit to at least get some exposure to American Law if I get a job. Do you know how competitive the NY recruit is/ what stats are competitive to get recruited ?
  2. Hey if anyone has some textbooks I could buy or good outlines please message me !
  3. @pzabbythesecond Sorry I'm a 0L so you will have to excuse my ignorance. I go to Calgary and have family in California and have always wanted to move there eventually. I plan on completing my JD in Canada and then doing a LLM at a law school in Cali. What/ when is the american recruit ?
  4. @pzabbythesecond I would like to go into either Corporate Law, Litigation or Space Law, so I guess ones that will compliment my resume for when I apply to jobs after law school
  5. Thoughts and practicality of trying to work 1L/2L in the states ? How would one go about trying to do this ?
  6. Currently, I am a 0L that will be going to CalgaryLaw in the fall. I would like to know if anyone has any ideas on how I could one day practice law in California. I heard that after I receive my JD I could look at doing a L.L.M to learn American Law and then write the Bar. Also if anyone has any ideas on best ways to secure employment and get a sponsorship from the company to work in Cali that would be really appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Just curious as to why you choose UofA over UBC ?
  8. Just because you don't doesn't mean you should generalize. Many people I have talked to who have applied for Bay street jobs from out of province say that is one of the top things they will ask about during the interview process. You should work on not being so condescending as well
  9. I disagree with @Deadpool. If you are trying to work in Ontario and you attend Dal there is no way it is not going to come up why you went to Dal over an Ontario Law School. That is one of the first questions almost every interviewer will ask to out of province students, not to mention one of the top questions asked at any professional networking event. Also, CalgaryLaw is situated in the second biggest legal market in Canada. This can give great exposure to positions at top firms during 1L/2L summer. This will be helpful if you want to work in Ontario as it can help build your resume and establish a relationship with a firm that has a Toronto office you could transfer to. To give credit to Dal in terms of the social factor I think they will have a better nightlife for bars/ clubs if that is a factor for you. But Calgary does have a NHL team (that was 2nd seed for the playoffs this year but choked... but they will do better next season) and lots of other events like Stampede. In terms of geography I don't think you can beat Calgary with the mountains, ski resorts, national parks... Banff! In terms of weather both suck during the winters, but at least Calgary is one of the sunniest cities in Canada. Also the rankings are arbitrary and the last Maclean's review was in 2012 or something. Keep in mind how high Windsor was ranked... on that list. Rankings really don't matter for Canadian law schools, excluding maybe UoT, Osgoode and UBC (if you're gunning for BC jobs). With that said, both schools are great options. Firms will not have a preference between either, so best of luck with your decision!
  10. Agreed I'm from Kingston and there is no way you're getting a nice place for less than $700. Unless you are living with 3+ people
  11. In addition, I can speak for Calgary (not sure about the other schools) but I have found that their scholarships and needs-based bursaries are amazing. With OSAP's $3k in grants and scholarships and bursaries the overall number will be much lower for CalgLaw.
  12. @TheAEGIS what do you think a manageable amount of debt is for the average person coming out of law school ?
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