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  1. I originally overlooked this, and perhaps some other people did too. In an email (over a month after my acceptance), I received an email with some additional information. It reads "On a separate note, merit-based entrance scholarships are also awarded by the Faculty of Law. All admitted candidates are automatically considered and we make several rounds of offers up until the summer months. Recipients will be contacted directly."
  2. Based on my letter and what I've read elsewhere, a graduation condition and a GPA condition are distinct. My admission is contingent upon my graduating. However, if a specified GPA is noted in the letter as a condition, this is a GPA contingent condition. This is not to say the GPA does not matter at all. Imagine if you changed your mind on law school and your last semester grades were way below your average, affecting your ability to pursue different paths. That being said, it does alleviate some stress to not feel as though the condition is so stringent.
  3. Very excited to say I have been accepted to McGill as of yesterday! CGPA: 3.98/4.3 I'm not sure if McGill looks at L2 as heavily as some schools, however, my L2 GPA is roughly a 4.2/4.3 EC's: Volunteer work at a homeless shelter, summer position in corporate services at a well known law firm, various other minor volunteer experiences. My volunteer experience is not as extensive as I wish, which makes me think my EC's are not the strongest. However, I worked 2-3 jobs for the duration of my degree, at times working full time with 5 courses. Reference letters: Strong I believe! Both from undergraduate professors. One of which is the head of the psychology and neuroscience department for whom I taught a first year psych/neuro lab. Good luck to those still waiting, you never know when that seemingly stagnant status may change
  4. Yay! Congratulations :) can you and others please specify if GPA is out of 4 or 4.3?
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