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  1. May I ask how much extra time you requested for?
  2. What about for those who are requesting for accommodations on their first write? Since the LSAC won't have a comparative score to say "you already scored better than most"?
  3. Would you be comfortable sharing you pay range? What you're doing sounds very similar to what I want to do. Also, where are you approximately located?
  4. Heck, thanks for the reassurance! What are some other experiences people have had that you've seen?
  5. Currently in my final year of undergrad, will be graduating with the following work/ volunteer experience: 2 years experience working at a cafe A summer working at a local NGO doing policy and social planning stuff Mental health (4 months student counsellor, 4 months policy committee on campus) Some English learning stuff (4-6 months at a program helping International students learn English) 4 months tutor/ mentor at community agency Planning to take a gap year after graduating to write the LSAT and heal my soul. Want to work part time during this year but so far no luck (also haven't really had time to apply to as many jobs since I'm grinding out my final term atm). I want to get into law ASAP because it's what I'm passionate about, but also tbh given my current experiences I'm not confident that I can land a gig doing a 'proper' job. Will this hurt my chances of getting into law schools? If I do get in, will this hurt my chances of landing a summer job related to law (how will they view my lack of experience)? I'm pretty self-conscious about not having had a 'proper' job, but my major is not really a practical/trade degree. Even though this isn't an excuse, I also really don't have any 'proper job' experience, and I'm only applying to part-time jobs as I'll be studying for the LSAT in the coming year and this is my main goal. Looking for advice on what to do, or anything really. Thanks in advance!
  6. One of my courses in my last term (now) has a very unfair grading procedure and it's all group work. The highest I can get from this class is probably a low 80, meaning it will bring all my gpas down. But if I drop it (today's the deadline), I would only have 3 courses in my final term, which looks pretty bad since UofT does consider your course load. Suggestions? Current B3 predicted 3.84-85 without this class. Probably 3.83 with this class.
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