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  1. I got a call from them yesterday as well. They called to see if I had any questions about the program and informed me about the upcoming open house.
  2. Thank you! I was not planning on rewriting as I hit a plateau and got the same LSAT score twice in a row.
  3. My L2 was about the same as my CGPA, which was 3.58. As for ECs, I didn't have any work experience in the legal field (or in general) but I was really involved on campus. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions
  4. Never thought I'd post here, I'm still in disbelief. Saw my status change to admitted! LSAT: 155 (4th take!) CGPA: 3.57 General category.
  5. I hope it is! I'm also thinking since I'm not a competitive applicant, they may have bumped me to a wait-list or another round of acceptances in the future?
  6. Just weighing in here, mine said Referred to Admissions Committee for the past two weeks, and since yesterday it says Referred for Review. Not sure why it backtracked like that.
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