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  1. I have heard that Princeton Review's Ultimate course offered in Toronto is great.
  2. TD Canada Trust now offers a 160K Professional Student Line of Credit for Law Students. EDIT: they retracted their 160k Law Professional Student Line of Credit back to 125k (used to work for Canada Trust and for a brief period they offered 160k, I guess not anymore).
  3. I endured a barrier as well during my undergrad (concussion), and as a result my grades were not great. In order to optimize my chances of getting accepted I decided to pursue a Master's degree and kill my 4th year. The master's degree may help develop and hone certain skills needed in law school which could be considered an asset. Also, if you're looking at UWO they have an access category you can apply under which slightly reduces what you need to be considered a competitive candidate. Absolutely get documentation for your mental illness so you can speak to this in your application and provide proof if needed
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