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  1. Hi, I am sorry in advance if I am in the wrong place to ask this, but if someone knows this out there.. I know some Canadian law schools do consider an upward, or downward trend in CGPA for instance, UBC law excludes the worst 12 units in calculating GPA question: Do U.S law schools have this kind of admit policy? do they consider all units as equal regardless of the trend in them? I did some research on a few U.S law, but have not found anything
  2. Hi, I know some U.S law schools favour those applicants with at least two years of full-time job experience after their undergrad, rather than accept students straight out of college. My question; are there some Canadian law schools that look for and give an edge to mature professional applicants? I am considering of joining Canadian armed forces (not for an advantage for law school admission , but originally interested in becoming an officer for long). Would military veterans have an edge over those with no professional career?
  3. Back then I did not change my address to Gatineau so cannot tell
  4. Why would you hurry taking the test when you are not even close? no offence but take as much time as needed.
  5. Can somebody let me know what ACCESS here means?
  6. I lived in Gatineau in my second year and it was the worst decision I've made. I took buses then though.
  7. I took the June 2007 LSAT test with no preparation. I tried to take it timed at first, but I realized it's totally impossible for me at this point to finish within 35 min. So I just gave myself more time, but did my best to hurry and finish quick. I am not sure but I believe I spent about 10 min more on each section ( which I should've checked! ) I scored 19 in raw on every section, except 15 on section 3 (the second LR). So the total was 156. 156 on my first trial cannot be a strong indicator, I know, since I could not finish with time constraints. I am aiming for U of T, Osgoods, UBC or top 20 Law schools in the US. How do you guys deal with time constraint? Any efficient ways to reduce times? I feel like It's hard for me to do a lot more improvements on my LSAT like others can do becasue I don't speak good English and it's my second language.
  8. I've done a lot of research on the average salary of lawyers practising in Canada. But always gets confused how much the "NET" salaries are. I do not quite know about the tax rate for those who make quite a lot like lawyers. How much do newly licensed lawyers expect to earn in terms of net income?
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