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  1. I would say the former. This is from my letter: “package must be received by date, or this offer will automatically lapse.” Based on that, I would think that only mailing your package before the deadline would be insufficient (as they wouldn’t really know if you accepted or not). You should ensure they get the package before the prescribed date, just to be safe at the very least.
  2. Don’t be discouraged. I scored about 141 on my diagnostic and ended up writing a 160 after self study (1-5 hours per week for 3 months). from my experience you can improve your score substantially by drilling under timed conditions. That’s definitely where most (if not all) of my improvement came from. Im sure that with 20-25hrs of studying per week you’ll be able to get your target score. Best of luck!
  3. Nothing changes other than the ‘date received’ field on the status tab. ex. I was offered admission on Jan 16 and my date received updated to Jan 29 after my acceptance package was received. There is no indication on the web page that an offer was sent or that I have been accepted. Hope this answers your Q
  4. Rejected today - 82-3% avg (3.80/4.33) - 160 LSAT Wish the best to the rest!
  5. Rejected today: GPA 4.80-4.85/4.33 (82-83% avg) 160 LSAT (79 percentile) Self calculated index btwn 870-875 Best of luck to everyone still waiting
  6. Yes that is correct. Forwarded for review to decision pending. And no I did not write the Jan LSAT I wrote in November. The week of Feb 3 I got an email from admission asking about an exchange course I took. Then my status changed to decision pending. So I’m assuming that they just calculated my index and determined that it was not high enough to be forwarded to the law committee.
  7. Feel like it’s hard to say since you applied in the special category. May need to work and bump up the GPA a bit to really increase your chances for future cycles. Best of luck and great LSAT score!
  8. similar stats to mine! Not sure how only being in second year may affect your chances though.
  9. For reference, I submitted my application in early Nov and my status changed from “Forwarded for Review” to “Decision Pending” the week of Feb 3. My index was self calculated around 875. I’m pretty sure the decision pending status means that they are deciding whether or not the application will be forwarded to the law committee for review. In my case, since my index is quite low, I think that it’s a bad sign to have this status and I’m expecting a rejection notice
  10. What is the GPA of your best 2 years? And what gpa scale (4.0 or 4.3)?
  11. Accepted on 2019/01/28 82% UBC average I self calculated a 3.9/4.5 AGPA with the drops, if I remember correctly. LSAT: 158(sept) 160(nov) I applied right after sept score was released. I’m not sure which score they used for application. Thinking I will decline. Good luck and congrats to you all!
  12. Accepted today Jan 16, 2019 b2: 3.8 GPA (4.33 scale) ~ 82.0% cGPA: 3.8 GPA (4.33 scale) ~ 82.0% lsat: 158 (Sept), 160 (Nov) Strong SK connection, raised in Swift Current. Did undergrad at UBC, so all grades are from UBC scales. Will probably accept! Good luck to all and hope to meet some of you soon.
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