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  1. I am curious, what institution do you attend and what is the grading system that they use? In other words, how do your grades for individual classes appear on your transcript? What does your transcript show as your cumulative grade?
  2. At least if you start now you will probably be on campus for second and third year. Here's to hoping it will be sooner
  3. I've heard that the Associate Dean of the College expressed that classes would likely still be online for Fall 2021 and that maybe a hybrid approach would be considered for term 2. Hearsay though so take it with a grain of salt.
  4. These stats are well above the average for a competitive application. I am all but certain that you will get offered admission
  5. Above is correct. They do not drop any low grades, they only calculate and consider the cumulative average of your best 2 years of fulltime studies
  6. Like the above, I also think your chances are very good
  7. I would assume that they would see your fall 2020 grades as long as they were on the transcript that you submitted. Maybe this approval in Feb is just to ensure that the grades you submitted were final before they actually consider them for admissions purposes. Maybe if you could link the source for more context? I cant seem to find where they talk about approval in Feb on the website.
  8. Assuming you applied in the regular category, you are in the competitive range due to your higher than average GPA. If there is anything limiting your chances it is your LSAT score, but looking at the Accepted thread from last cycle there are some examples of people getting in with a similar score and higher GPAs. Good luck!
  9. You're definitely in the range of competitive applicants. Based on your stats I think you have a good shot of getting in. Good luck!
  10. Pre-covid shutdown it was great! Lots of awesome and friendly students and the events made it very easy to make friends during first year. Second year for me has been different, I haven't met anyone new and have not participated in any law related events as they are all over zoom and I haven't had much interest in the events they try to organize. That being said, it seems like some first years have gotten quite close to each other so it must be working for them to some extent! But in general, I think the culture is awesome and I have had an enjoyable experience at the college (especially when we were attending school and events in person).
  11. The opportunities to work in Alberta are definitely there for students that are interested. As a second year you can participate in OCIs (On Campus Interviews) where out of province firms (mostly from AB) come to recruit, these would be more widely available for competitive applicants. As a first year you can also apply to AB firms for 1L summers but the positions are more competitive I believe. As for BC, the general messaging is that you have to put in the work to network and get your foot in the door as there is little to no active recruitment from BC firms at the U of S. Also, BC firms do not hire 1L summer students through any formal recruitment process like in AB or SK.
  12. I agree with @legallybrunette3, if you score anywhere between 160-165 with an 80%+ GPA I think you will have a really good chance regardless of the strength of your Sask connection. However, with respect to the Sask connection, what you have certainty counts and should be included in your application. I think admissions likes to see that you have family (step or not) that have attended USask and the facts that your dad is an alum and your uncle is a sessional lecturer with the University would likely be viewed quite favorably for you. Good luck with term 2 and your upcoming LSAT exam
  13. Agree with the above. I would be very surprised if you don't get an offer with your current stats. Your great LSAT score makes your chances of acceptance very strong considering that the average LSAT score in the college is around the 74th percentile vs your score that puts you around the 93rd percentile. Your LSAT will almost certainly make up for your slightly lower than average GPA.
  14. I think you should definitely re-write you LSAT like Elliot suggested. From what you've said above, you have a great GPA and experience pursuing your studies that could be reflected in your personal statement. As for your Sask connection, it is very strong. The school wants to know that you have roots here in the hopes that you will stay in the province after law school, they wont care about you doing your post-sec schooling elsewhere. I lived in BC for 6 years before moving home and it didn't seem to affect my application at all as an applicant with average stats. If you could get your LSAT score anywhere within the 157-160 range I bet your chances would be really good, or at the very least, vastly improved. You should definitely apply and give the LSAT another shot in January despite the fact you may only have a few weeks of crammed studying to prepare after your defence. Speaking of which, good luck with that (and with the LSAT if you choose to give it another go)!
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