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  1. That's what happened to me, unfortunately. Was one half-course short and their FAQ says they count the entire semester that they have to go back to (I don't think Admissions confirms their GPA calculation for you; in any case I never had it confirmed). Source: https://law.ucalgary.ca/sites/default/files/teams/2/gpa-faq.pdf
  2. I believe it's the opposite of what you're describing - they use your highest score to group your application, but consider the # of times written for evaluation within that group. From the Admissions website @ https://law.ucalgary.ca/future-students/how-to-apply/assessment-of-applications, with my emphasis:
  3. Both - but I'm at UofC and a lot of firms don't do OCIs here, you go to the firm for 1st interview.
  4. I've applied to most firms on the portal and only heard from one. Crossing fingers for both of us!
  5. We use ExamSoft. The in-exam procedure is same as yours - time expires, ExamSoft closes itself so we can't input any more anyways, and we simply turn off our laptops and leave the room. However we're also told that if we don't receive the upload confirmation email within 15 mins of the end of the exam that we're supposed to contact administration at the school.
  6. If you can get towards the higher end of your practice range, you may end up with entrance awards. So it could very well be worth the little bit of time/money. I believe UofC only looks at highest LSAT so it's not like it would hurt you beyond that.
  7. There's a google drive with a bunch of outlines on it that you'll get set up with, don't pay for those!
  8. That said - just a student. I wouldn't make life changing decisions based off a random person on a forum!
  9. This isn't really based on anything other than gut feeling, but I would suggest that UofA would be viewed similarly to UofC, but the other prairie schools would be at a disadvantage.
  10. Speaking only for Calgary (I'm at UofC), but an A- average on 1L midterms got an interview almost everywhere I applied for 1L recruit. Our career office says that UofC typically secures around half of the Calgary summer jobs; it stands to reason you can be competitive from elsewhere. Anecdotally, of the schools mentioned in the thread, I met quite a few from USask & UofA during recruit but none from UofM.
  11. Student Legal Assistance offers paid summer employment. They seem to hire around 10-12 summer students, and 2 articling students. For first years I think we had 7 positions open this year (the rest were upper years). From speaking to upper years that have taken it they highly recommend the experience if you're looking to practice crim or family. Edit: I believe the public interest law clinic and pro bono students both have summer positions as well. I'm just most familiar with SLA and they seem to be the largest of these types of organizations.
  12. I was accepted off the waitlist in mid-Feb. I don't know numbers but it's more than a few.
  13. 1L here - we have at least one student from Manitoba (also Winnipeg). I think two but not 100% sure on the second. If you have any specific questions let me know and I can pass them on.
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