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  1. I don't know if it's the same this year, but way back in 2018 we had a March 31 deadline for accepting offers. So I would expect more movement on the waitlist after that date, as the Faculty gets a better sense of how many of their offers have been accepted.
  2. Five year-long courses, 2 block courses (one each semester), and legislation is Fall of 1L only. Upper year classes are almost all half-year.
  3. If I had to guess, it's more about securing students who might otherwise be a Bay Street flight risk.
  4. I think "probably" is a stretch. There are certainly a few that are affected by chinooks to the point of headaches. Out of everyone I know, only one gets migraines from it, and even that's inconsistent. It's just one of those "everyone knows someone" Kevin Bacon things.
  5. I don't think UOttawa actually "curves", they just require a B+ class average (not median).
  6. In Fall 2018 we received our 1L grades on January 18th (1Ls get them by email since they're, other than Legislation, midterm grades). In Fall 2019 upper year grades were posted on the student centre on January 15th (we receive an email when they go up). So I'd expect late next week or early the week after. Law might be on a different schedule than what NeverTooLate posted. If you check on the current JD students sharepoint, January 7th (final grades) and January 8th (midterm grades for 1Ls) are listed as the deadlines for faculty, and the grading committee meets January 12th to review them.
  7. Can't edit for some reason, but it doesn't actually look like you have to be a full time student. Go figure!
  8. Not sure what schools you're looking at (I thought most Ontario schools are cGPA?), but UofC and UofA will take open studies / "out of degree" as long as you're registered full time. UofA FAQ UofC FAQ (PDF)
  9. Anti-reflective coating is more important than blue light filtering IMO (although both is obviously better). I had an old pair of glasses and I guess the anti-reflective had worn off; getting new glasses was life changing for eye strain.
  10. Oh no, I've reached the age 0Ls use when they throw out a number for "old enough to have a midlife crisis"...
  11. Wait, UofT calls people? Why not just send a fax and carrier pigeon?
  12. That's only about 2 concepts fewer than me in first semester of 1L.
  13. Watch out for dissent-first judgments too 🤦‍♂️
  14. With the caveat that different Professors assign different textbooks (for instance, in our year, one Torts section had a different textbook than the other two), I only used the ConLaw book out of that list. I'm incoming 3L so two years ago.
  15. That was my concern with optional P/F. For reasons extensively discussed, those without jobs are more or less 'forced' to take grades down to B- to avoid the negative inference from employers. Whereas those that have already secured jobs don't have that disadvantage and can freely P things to inflate the GPA for other things such as Dean's List, medals or scholarships. Optional P/F magnified the inequities between those that already struck gold in the recruit and the rest.
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