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  1. I paid my deposit on Monday and my status on uWin says 'Deposit Paid' as of today - They did not respond to my email though.
  2. I paid my deposit yesterday and recieved the exact same two emails, so it seems as though this may be the norm for this year. See you in the fall!
  3. I believe you need to send in your final transcript after your degree is conferred as the confirmation of your graduation is not actually listed on your transcript until after convocation. If you click on the help button when you're on the transcripts part of OLSAS and scroll down to 'final transcripts' part there should be more clear information there. If anything, just call - RollMaster could be right about just requesting your transcript immediately.
  4. He also mentioned volleyball in the evenings and a few pub/trivia nights but that he doesn't remember everything they did since it was a while ago. I'm also really excited, my last exam of undergrad is tomorrow and I can't believe the time has finally come to start law school, lol. Again though, if any current students had a different orientation i'd love to know what we have in store.
  5. I spoke with a 2L at Windsor a few days ago and he said that during his orientation they went on a boat cruise along the Detroit river and they received a smudging session from an aboriginal elder among other events. I don't know if they keep the orientation week the same every year though so maybe someone else could chime in as well. If we don't get a boat cruise I would hope a few of us would go to Caesers Windsor since it looks like they get a ton of really good entertainers coming through (through April and May I think they have Ken Jeong, Aziz Ansari, Kansas, and Brad Paisley performing). If we do get a boat cruise, catch me at the front steering the ship like Dwight
  6. Hi there, Congrats on your offer! I was also accepted last Wednesday and my offer appeared on olsas and on my uwinsite the day after. I would suggest you call to see whats up.
  7. Definitely seriously considering Windsor, I will be attending if I don't get into Ottawa or Queens. I need to do more research but I feel like since the end goal is to stay in Ontario to work I could save myself a huge amount of debt by choosing the single JD. Still not 100% sure though since I'm also genuinely interested in learning about the American legal system, but its nice to have this decision nonetheless, lol
  8. Accepted around 11AM today! 3.48 cGPA 156 LSAT Great ECs IMO, Was admitted to the Dual JD about 2 hours after being admitted to the single JD, Good luck to everyone who is still waiting!
  9. Accepted this morning around 9AM! 3.48 cGPA 156 LSAT Great ECs IMO Was referred to ad-com more than 5 weeks ago! Good luck to everyone who is still waiting
  10. Tomorrow will be five weeks since I was referred to ad-com and I still haven't heard back. I did read that someone was referred to ad-com on a Friday and got their acceptance on a Monday so I'm not sure if my timeline is typical or not, Hope that helps (Also, my status changed to 'still to be considered' late in March after I provisionally accepted another school - I'm not sure if this means I'll be waiting even longer now or not, who really knows)
  11. Both are visible for me. I recall reading that once one of your application disappeared this indicated that Windsor was updating your application (for a decision, presumably) though I am not 100% sure, Good luck! Hope its good news.
  12. My status is 'Referred- Admissions Committee' and haven't received the meet and greet email. In light of @Socialworklaw's post, it may be the case that everyone on the waitlist received that invite.
  13. Hi there, My status is currently 'Referred - Admissions Committee', but at the homepage a new link appeared today called 'financial aid tasks', Does anyone else see this too? Wondering what it means for someone who hasn't received a decision yet. Thank you!
  14. If you do, let us know what they say - Mine says 2018-11-01 'Under Evaluation' and the suspense is killing me
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