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  1. Does anyone have the link so I can view a sample timetable? I can't seem to find one :( Thank you!
  2. Hi, I noticed that under FAQ it says it may take up to 12 weeks from the deadline and in some cases, depending on the scholarship more time. Not fun lol
  3. waiting since jan 1 - 155 lsat and 3.6 gpa + 2 masters degree
  4. I have been in queue since Jan 9th... is there any chance of being accepted or are they just waiting to send out more rejections? Thoughts?
  5. I am wondering if there are any internship opportunities in the city for 1L students? Any with the Department of Justice?
  6. Accepted just now! cGPA: 3.5 LSAT: 153 2 Master degrees; strong LOR and ECs Applied General
  7. Accepted today! Got the call around 11:30 am. 154 LSAT 3.47/GPA; 3.76 L2 Great references, including one politician; strong ECs and tailored personal statement; 2 master's degrees.
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