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  1. no, just updated on Student Center
  2. Waitlisted today cGPA - 3.0, L2 - 3.7 159
  3. Waitlisted May 13 CGPA - 3.0 L2 - 3.7 LSAT - 159
  4. I called them a month ago and they told me the same thing and I still haven't heard anything
  5. March 5th, cgpa 3.0, L2 3.7, LSAT 159 (Jan)
  6. been in queue since march 5 - cgpa 3.0, L2 3.7 and LSAT 159 (Jan 2019)
  7. Ive been referred since March and I called yesterday and they said that my file went for a "second reading" and that I should have a decision soon. Does anyone know what this means and if its a good or bad thing?
  8. check your junk folder if you haven't received it , that's where mine was
  9. Does anyone else get an automatic white screen saying "you are not authorized for this page" when trying to sign in to uwindsor?
  10. referred - admission committee this afternoon
  11. I'm pending review and I see it too
  12. In queue March 5! Completed Part B
  13. So annoying, I haven`t heard anything and I`m still ``pending review``. Thanks!
  14. Oops, I just copied what I posted in another forum. It was my January score but I emailed admissions in November and they told me that the Dean approved me to take it and have it considered on my application!
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