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  1. Thank you for your reply! I guess I also have to wait a little longer for the set up of York Mymail service?Don't know whether we will use Osgoode email or York Mymail more regularly in the future, or both. Hoping that everything will be ready by July.
  2. Hi guys, I have paid my deposit fee two months ago, I have firmly accepted my offer more than half a month ago, and I have set up my Passport York Account a week ago, but I still don't receive my Osgoode email account yet. When I check the Osgoode Email and Web Access Information on OASIS, it still writes "Stay tuned for more information about your new Osgoode email account and Passport York account." Does anybody has the same situation? Besides, when I set up my Passport York account, the online instructions says that "students can have a centrally-supported @yorku.ca email account, called MyMail. This account may be used for official correspondence and may also be required for some courses. You may forward this email address to a personal email address, but if you do you are responsible for ensuring that you can receive any forwarded messages." And we should “Use Manage My Services to activate or view details about your MyMail service.” But there's no choice for MyMail service on my Manage My Services. How about yours? Moreover, the admission package indicates that the detailed admission information and a digital Registration package will be sent to us in an email in July, does anyone know which email account will this information be sent to? Is the Osgoode email or the Mymail([email protected]) or our own email account? Last question, does anybody know when and how can we pay our first year‘s tuition fees? Thank you!
  3. Sorry, when talks about ABA approved law schools, the first thing comes to my mind is the eligibity of bar exam. I just kind of forgot the OP's original question and wanted to point out that non-ABA approved doesn't mean impossibility for Canadian law students to study and practice in America. But you are right, this information is actually of little use to Nupurjhanjee. I'm completely off the point.
  4. This is what I found on UOT‘s website: Can I work in the United States with the University of Toronto J.D. degree? <p>The University of Toronto J.D. degree is not an American J.D. degree.&nbsp; It is a Canadian J.D. degree designation.&nbsp; The University of Toronto Faculty is not approved by the American Bar Association (nor is any Canadian law school). "ABA" approval is often a pre-requisite for admission to practice in a particular American state.&nbsp; Only US law schools are ABA-approved. Regarding Canadian-educated and Canadian-trained applicants, each state in the United States has its own bar admission requirements. Currently, states which accept our law degree as "equivalent" to an American law degree are New York and Massachusetts.&nbsp; Another popular destination for our graduates is California, but to be eligible to write the California Bar, one must first be called to the Bar of a Canadian province, or another American state such as New York. Detailed requirements for every state are available in a publication called the Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission Requirements published by the&nbsp;<a href="http://www.abanet.org/home.html" target="_blank">American Bar Association</a>.&nbsp;</p> And this is the same to all other Canadian school.
  5. My email was also sent automatically by the Osgoode Hall Law School OASIS system, and it wrote "We are delighted to provide you with this electronic 2019-2020 Admissions Package, in which you will find important and helpful information about Osgoode's programs, faculty and student services." in paragraph 2. But I can't see any link around there, I just thought that the email itself was the so-called electronic package. However, your words indicates that there should be a link in paragraph 2, and it somehow disappeared in my email. That's so weird and what should I do??? Or, if the information showed by that link does not involve any of your privacy, could you please send the link address to me?
  6. Sorry I forgot to mention I also received the email about upcoming events. And after I did a little research I find the ICLP is indeed about the bursary and loan funding, which means I don't need to worry about this. So I just received two emails from Osgoode and one is an inform of admission while another is about the welcome events, both containing little information about what to do next. Oh I also got an greeting email from a student ambassador who said I can ask her anything I want to know. But after I wrote back to her, it has been 3 days and I didn't receive any reply from her. Plus the fact that I still didn't received my formal letter, it really makes me sort of anxious now.
  7. Hey, I just received only one email that informed me I was accepted and I would receive my formal letter of admission shortly. But not only did I not see anything like an electronic admissions booklet attached to that email, but also did I not receive a a follow up email with important information about the ICLP program(btw,what is this program?). Besides, I am still waiting for my formal letter(but this may because I'm an international student and it took months for the mailing time?). I don't know whether I should write to the admission officer about this. Does someone else meets the same situation like me?
  8. I really appreciate your detailed and patient reply, it really helped a lot! Because those cities I have stayed in before never snow in the winter, I just can't help but worry about the the snow days when I saw the recent news reports about the blizzard and bad traffic in Toronto. But since you've made it clear it's not a big deal, I feel less worried now. In addition, I have lived on campus all my undergraduate years, so I don't know much about commuting life and just worried about it. Moreover, a friend of mine who goes to NYU told me that law school was so stressful that she spent almost all day either in the classroom or in the library when she was a 1L. Her words gave me some preset fears about 1L, but your response helped me relax a lot. Thank you again for your help. Wish you a happy day : )
  9. Thank you very much. Your suggestion is very helpful to me! I have some other questions then and I will be very grateful if you can answer them. 1. If I am late or miss most of the class because of traffic jams on a blizzard day, will the professors understand? Can I make up for what I didn't hear by borrowing notes from my classmates? 2. Although the free housing is very attractive, I am still a bit worried about whether the long commute time required by it is manageable for 1L learning.Could you please tell me what life is like for a typical 1L student? How busy and hard is IL life? Besides studying, do 1L students still have time to live their own lives, such as hanging out in the city with friends? 3. I know that most of the 1L classes are from early morning to noon or from morning to afternoon. After class, do people usually go to the library for the rest of the day or stay in the library for a while and then go out for other activities? Does Oz has a lot of activities hold on campus every week? 4. I also heard that living in Chambers is good for making friends and Chambers is just like Oz's community. If I I don't live there, will it be hard for me to integrate into the Oz community? Do I need to take some extracurricular activities to make up for this? Thank you again!
  10. Hi, I wonder will Osgoode cancell classes in a horrible blizzard weather such as in recent days? If they won't or if it's a relatively mild snow day, will it be a huge problem for people who live outside the campus and take the subway to school? Will it be super troublesome and even affect daily schoolwork? Because a friend of my parents has a spare condo in downtown Toronto and he can let me live there for free, I wonder would there be some problems if I choose to live in downtown? I have heard that living on campus is very boring, but it is really good for learning (for example, people can stay in the library as long as they want and hardly waste time on commuting). I would like to enjoy the excitement and convenience of the dt area, but I really want to know if I live outside the campus and getting a one-way commute which is close to 50 minutes every day, will it be bad for 1L learning? Dose 1l workload and various arrangements require students to spend time inside the school as much as possible? Thank you!!!
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