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  1. My average LSAT was 153.5 and although I was pretty late in the cycle, I wasn't the final round of offers on here. Don't sweat this too much. I would say if you can hit a 160 your chances are 95%. You still have a decent shot with a 159 anyways.
  2. Don't panic. Obviously I'm not involved in admissions but I can't imagine a situation where an admissions committee would view your second reference in a lower regard simply because it is professional. That's ridiculous.
  3. I only had two referees and I got in. I wouldn't provide three just for the sake of having three. If your two referees can speak to your character and strengths and you don't think that a third referee will strengthen your application even more, than stick with the two.
  4. Judging from accepted threads it seems like 157 is the cut-off for the general category, regardless of grades, and they explicitly state that requirement on their website. So I think it's fair to assume that 154 is the access cut-off (assuming you provide a good access claim that actually impacted your LSAT score) since that's also what they state on their website. I don't have any idea how any admissions team assesses access claims but I'll add that if you can hit 160, you're almost guaranteed to be admitted in the general category. High 150s and you still have a decent chance in the general category, but later in the cycle. Good luck!
  5. I know for at least some schools, if you're not carrying over any government debt from undergrad, than you won't qualify for entrance bursaries, regardless if you have zero savings as a result of paying it off. That was the exact case for me. I would just suggest that you inquire about whether you actually qualify for scholarships and bursaries when you consider where to attend, so you don't get hung up on something like having to have OSAP debt vs. LOC debt.
  6. If you can hit 160 on the LSAT you should have a decent chance at Queen's/Western.
  7. Sounds like there were a bunch of issues with schedules on SOLUS last night but they appear to be fixed now
  8. I would email the rep that is associated with your university and law program listed here: https://www.scotiabank.com/content/dam/scotiabank/canada/en/documents/Scotiabank_SPSP_representative_English.pdf Even though I live across the province, I reached out to the rep for my law school and did everything via email. When I was approved, they sent the documents to a local branch for me to sign. It became very clear to me that emailing my school's rep was the right decision because it was easy and the rep at my local branch had no idea about anything PLSOC related when I went to sign.
  9. Scotia offered me 135k at prime. Lots of people here will say the same... that's why I called Scotia first.
  10. I really think it depends on the situation. Personally, I had been planning for a couple of years to take a year off to save a little bit of money for tuition and write the LSAT. I was able to do both of these and also find some new interests that I didn't have time for during my undergrad. The past year has also given me some perspective. For example, I work in a field relevant to my undergrad program and I don't like it one bit (only two more weeks, thank goodness!). I see people feeling stuck here, living paycheque to paycheque, and being unable to do work of significance. Because of this experience I know that no matter how tough things get in law school and in practice, I'll never forget how lucky I am to be a part of the legal community. My work experiences have made me even more excited to go back to school and eventually become a lawyer.
  11. It looks like which courses you have online will be dependent on your assigned section. Every 1L course has time slots for both in-person and online throughout the week.
  12. I actually know an Assistant Crown Attorney who went to Bond. I don't know all the details but as far as I know they immediately came back to Canada and were hired once licensed. I imagine they have been with the Crown for 4-6 years now.
  13. I heard that we receive them next week.
  14. Congrats! I've seen you posting quite a bit and I'm surprised it took this long. Hope to see you in the fall!
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