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  1. Received one about a week after but this was before everything with the coronavirus. So although admissions are still going during the pandemic closures, the acceptance package comes from the university itself, not the faculty of law... so maybe they're are actually closed or working from home and therefore can't print or mail you the package? I wouldn't be too worried about it being delayed because its just a hard copy of an acceptance letter (which I'm pretty sure is also on your student portal) and some general info about the faculty of law which you should already know prior to applying. Hope this helps and maybe see you in the fall!
  2. Do you mean OLSAS? Nov. 1st is so far away to know for certain, but I doubt it.
  3. Lakehead has a very small class size so it's entirely possible that all available spots have been offered. I would expect another round of offers after the April 1st, provisional acceptance deadline. Closer to the end of March, some future law students may ultimately choose another school and this will free up spots.
  4. I don't think this post is very accurate. From my observations on this site I'd say that a 154 is too low for Western/Queen's. With your L2, you probably need at least a 157 to have a fighting chance in the spring/summer but a 160 would make you a strong candidate for either of those schools. Admission to Bora Laskin seems to be very much dependent on your personal statement... obviously strong grades and a strong LSAT would be beneficial but being able to honestly appeal to their mandates is important. So I would add them to the unpredictable group, alongside Windsor and Ryerson. With a strong cGPA like yours, 157 seems to be the sweet spot for uOttawa. I think you'd have a good chance if you can raise your LSAT by a few points. I've never looked into UofT or Osgoode because I don't like Toronto so I can't accurately comment on your chances there. But seeing as they are some of the most competitive law schools, I imagine you would need to improve your LSAT to at least the 160's for Oz and above 165 for UofT. Good luck!
  5. If you look through acceptance threads from previous years you'll see that some people with similar stats are accepted every year... not to say that all borderline candidates will be accepted (myself included b/c we have very similar stats, but I am hopeful!). I wouldn't expect to hear anything until after the April 1st deadline for admitted students to provisionally accept an offer. Good luck!
  6. If anyone here was able to attend welcome day, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the law school, curriculum, and/or Thunder Bay... or any helpful information/answered questions you received! Super bummed I couldn't make the trip today. Thanks!
  7. I was told that scholarship offers are made with the acceptance package.
  8. Hour and a half drive to the Ganny
  9. Thought I would add that you will receive login details shortly after being accepted, even if you have yet to accept their offer of admission.
  10. This is the dream. But maybe something tastier than brussel sprouts.
  11. Got the call today! cGPA: 3.33 L2: 3.89 Highest LSAT: 157 Average EC's but I think my PS does a good job explaining how my experiences and goals fit particularly well with 2/3 mandates.
  12. Their acknowledgment email states that they don't provide login details for applicants.
  13. The acknowledgment email said that offers are expected to begin in January.
  14. This is exciting to hear! Sounds like I'll have to get my skates sharpened for the first time since highschool varsity... if they accept me!
  15. You should have atleast been emailed a purchase receipt from OUAC once you paid. Maybe log in and double check your email in your personal information tab.
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