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  1. I was told that scholarship offers are made with the acceptance package.
  2. Hour and a half drive to the Ganny
  3. Thought I would add that you will receive login details shortly after being accepted, even if you have yet to accept their offer of admission.
  4. This is the dream. But maybe something tastier than brussel sprouts.
  5. Got the call today! cGPA: 3.33 L2: 3.89 Highest LSAT: 157 Average EC's but I think my PS does a good job explaining how my experiences and goals fit particularly well with 2/3 mandates.
  6. Their acknowledgment email states that they don't provide login details for applicants.
  7. The acknowledgment email said that offers are expected to begin in January.
  8. This is exciting to hear! Sounds like I'll have to get my skates sharpened for the first time since highschool varsity... if they accept me!
  9. You should have atleast been emailed a purchase receipt from OUAC once you paid. Maybe log in and double check your email in your personal information tab.
  10. This is true for ON students. I spoke with an OLSAS representative a few weeks ago and she said since OLSAS requests ON university transcripts themselves (after you submit your application and pay a transcript request fee) applicants from ON only need to submit their application by the Nov. 1st deadline.
  11. You won't be rejected if you indicate a future LSAT date... assuming it's possible to obtain an LSAT score that could make you competitive, they will wait to see what you score.
  12. Will Queen's randomly choose only one to read? This is what their website says for general applicants: "Please provide one academic reference. No more than three letters of reference may be filed to support an application." I interpret this you may submit one, two, or three references... as long as at least one is an academic reference.
  13. I have my thesis research that I hope to eventually publish (fingers crossed!). I would like to include it in my sketch but because I have not submitted it for publication yet, I wouldn't consider it to be "forthcoming" by the Nov. 1st application deadline. Should I simply indicate that there's been no formal publication as of yet?
  14. WakeboardKing indicated that they receive 4.5 credits for a single semester course and that a full year course is worth 9 credits... the conversion is specific to each applicants transcript. Since 4.5 x 2 = 9, it makes sense that their full year 9 credit course would be given a weight of 2 while their single semester 4.5 credit course would be given a weight of 1. To be specific to your case, it sounds like a single semester course is worth 0.5 credits. So to me, it follows that your monster 2 credit course would be weighted x4. If you're concerned about it you could always try and contact OLSAS for a 100% correct response, rather than some anonymous fool calling themselves Honks202.
  15. If you only require two references, only use your strong two references. Western states this on their website's FAQ: Can I provide more than two reference letters?OLSAS permits this, but if more than two are submitted, our Admissions Committee will read only two of them, selected at random. So if you applied to Western and provided your third "OK reference letter", it could only, potentially, hurt your application.
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