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  1. Highly recommend this approach. Even with the laptop option, I prefer keeping it in my bag and writing over printed notes.
  2. 3 out of 4. I just spoke to a friend in another section and they had no laptop restrictions (one prof asked students not to use laptops but didn't enforce it)... so luck of the draw?
  3. Over half my profs for in-person classes didn't allow computers. Other sections had different profs so I'm not sure exactly how common it is.
  4. Of the profs I've had in 1L, only one provides recordings. The exception being when a prof has rescheduled a class and some students may have a conflict outside of school. I remember two profs explicitly denying requests to record their lectures in September. Also, multiple profs don't allow computers in class unless you require an accommodation. Please don't let this worry you because taking notes in class is actually quite manageable, even with slow handwriting! What works for most people is bringing notes on the readings to class where you can add anything or highlight important stuff you already have written. It's very rare that you'll be taking any extensive notes in class since classes are generally discussion based anyways.
  5. Yes you'd still have to pay your deposit by June 1st, and will lose it if you receive and accept another offer in June. Whether an offer is accepted provisionally or firmly will have no bearing on the deposit due date.
  6. Should be golden with that latest LSAT
  7. Although it's not a sure thing, you could get in this year with those stats. Your grades are very strong and some people get in after April 1st with 157, 158, 159 LSAT scores, including myself. Many of those people have strong grades too. Also, isn't the access category LSAT minimum something like 154? vs. 157 in the general category. You'll likely need a stronger LSAT to pair with your good grades to qualify for a scholarship based on what I've heard from friends in my year. 7Sage is great for LG. I was generally scoring -1 or -2 on LG thanks to the 7Sage methods (Just couldn't conquer RC before my test date lol). Anyways, give it some time and I'm sure you will see improving results in that section. Good luck!
  8. I have a car in Kingston and can add a couple of points. It definitely limited my options while apartment hunting because many apartments either didn't have parking or were asking for a ridiculous amount to rent a space each month. I live near campus so I really only use my car to go to better grocery stores (metro is small and somewhat expensive), run errands, or go outside of Kingston to get out in the outdoors in my free time. Owning a car isn't necessary if you live near campus but it is definitely nice to have because it makes life easier. If you're considering buying a car because you're moving to Kingston, I wouldn't worry about it unless you want a car for other reasons too. Most students don't have vehicles here. Even if you own a car you'll probably walk most places!
  9. No, if you have a single offer by April 1st you can provisionally accept that offer and indicate that you still wish to be considered by other schools that you haven't heard from yet. April 1st is the day by which you must decide which offer you wish to provisionally accept. This is an easy decision if you only have one offer before April 1st... perhaps not as much if you have multiple. (note that this is for ON schools only)
  10. I'd say you have a decent chance to get in during one of the waves after April 1st with your current stats. Very strong chance if you hit 160. Good luck!
  11. There was an Ottawa IP recruit this past fall. I'm pretty sure I saw postings for both 1L's and 2L's. I can't say whether it was smaller than normal or not. I saw maybe 6-8 employers recruiting.
  12. I'd say that an L2 of at least 3.7 is competitive. However, since you're just below this and you have a very strong LSAT, I think you have a very good chance of being admitted. Also, the overwhelming majority of people with experience on this forum will agree that your major doesn't matter for law school admission. Good luck!
  13. Your L2 is good. Score at least 160 in January and you should have a very strong chance. 157 appears to be the cutoff so you will likely need to raise your score by at least a point to have any chance in the general category. If you don't quite hit 160 but score 157-159, your L2 will be beneficial. Good luck on your rewrite!
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