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  1. Sounds like it. Here's a quote from LSAC: "Although the Digital LSAT is intuitive and easy to use, we wanted to provide some additional reassurance to candidates who register for our July 15 test, to help ensure a smooth transition. So, all July 15, 2019, test takers will have the opportunity to see their score and will have five days to decide whether they wish to cancel it. Those who decide to cancel will have the option of retaking the test one time free of charge in the 2019–2020 testing cycle, which extends through April 2020. Details about arranging for these options will be available when registration opens for the July 2019 test."
  2. In terms of law school I've generally heard they don't (I would like to think they do to help justify my high school self choosing to suffer through a pure science degree). However, I know this can be the case for other professional school programs because one of my referees used to work on a medical school admissions committee and she told me they do look at "the nature of one's degree".
  3. I think it's a matter of classroom/lab hours and general discipline difficulty more so than anyone thinking they are smarter than anyone else.
  4. B3 = 3.5/4.0 I've heard Lakehead favours applicants from northern universities and hometowns... if this is true that would help my chances there.
  5. CGPA = 3.3/4.0 current LSAT = 150... I was scoring 158-160 on practice tests leading up to the real thing but I felt unprepared and test day anxiety got the best of me. Wish I cancelled my score but nothing I can do now other than kill it this summer.
  6. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone had some advice as to which law schools I should look into applying to in Ontario for a 2020 entrance? Or schools I will have a chance of admission? I've been interested in Queen's in particular but am open to any Ontario school. I'm finishing my undergrad this spring and will either be working for a year or going to grad school for a year. I wrote the LSAT last summer but did poorly on test day, which is why I did not apply this year... I think I should be able to score a 160 (that's my goal for my next write). I think I should go for a school more interested in last two years GPA which is 3.85/4.0 with a full course load.... I have strong references lined up and good extra curriculars. Thanks in advance!
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