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  1. No my lowest grade is a B+ but striking it still technically increased my gpa. I can see that it's just incremental gains at this point and I'm just splitting hairs though.
  2. Oh wow I'm sorry to hear about that, I'm not sure if that's better or worse than my situation. I'm aware that the vast majority of students don't even get a job from OCIs so even if nothing comes out of my efforts at least I can say I tried!
  3. Thank you for this advice, it seems worth the shot in the dark and like you said the worst I can get is another no from a firm that wasn't planning on interviewing me to begin with. Do you think it would it be worth sending an updated transcript at this point, after the application deadline passed I was able to strike out a lower grade with compassionate grading and received another high grade from my January intensive course. Or maybe I should just stick with a quick email so they don't have to invest too much time into replying.
  4. That would be a hilarious way to game the system, but unfortunately(fortunately?) I didn't think of that and got my grades the old fashioned way
  5. I didn't take any pass/fail options and my lowest grade was a B+ if that helps.
  6. Weirfoulds actually did participate in OCIs this year. I have Blaney on my radar and I'm slowly putting together a list of midsize and small firms that also do transactional corporate/commercial work that I'll be cold calling. I'm sure there was something off with my resume or cover letter or experience that just wasn't what firms were looking for and I'm mostly in denial still. Regardless, thanks for your reply and advice.
  7. Many of my peers had similar results so I don't think so. I got specifically emailed PFOs from a bunch of firms too. Maybe the competition was tougher, maybe I failed to wow them with my cover letter. Only thing to do now is move forward I suppose!
  8. I'm just in venting mode and am trying to find excuses as to why I didn't even get one OCI interview offer with an A- average, good extra curriculars, and decent transactional firm experience prior to law school. I even spoke to recruiters early September/october and they said my resume and cover letter looked good, so it feels so surreal right now that I applied to 30+ firms and didn't even get a foot in the door. I'm sure being an Ottawa student didn't help me for the Toronto OCIs either, but damn is it demoralizing.
  9. Managed to get a PFO from every single firm I applied to despite what I thought was quite a strong application. Guess I need to start cold calling.
  10. Are the AƉCLSS events on the orientation schedule for the french students only?
  11. Hi all, I just wanted to double check because I've not been getting many important emails from the school. Are the first year books for classes posted anywhere and do I need to have any readings done and prepared for the first day of classes? I don't want to be that idiot who shows up on day 1 without having done any of the work. Thanks!
  12. Thanks a bunch for sharing, much appreciated!
  13. I've only just realized course enrollment is open because I never received the enrollment email with information and the pdf. I tried to email admissions to ask for the email to be resent, but they said they wouldn't after checking their system and seeing that they already sent it to my email... Despite me saying I never received it but ok nothing I can really do past that. Can anybody share the enrollment pdf, or the contents of the email? Otherwise, can I just verify that I just needed to pick the small course for the fall semester, and the thematic in the winter semester and then the rest will be automatically populated by the admissions team? Thanks in advance!
  14. Assuming this link is correct. https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/student-centre/important-dates Sept 3 -4
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