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  1. Accepted off the waitlist today. Cgpa: 3.5 B2/L2: 3.73 157 Feeling extremely blessed to be accepted into such a fantastic school. July 23rd deadline.
  2. Waitlisted CGPA 3.5 LSAT 157 $100 for 8 months of waiting, and to be a lottery pick in a group of probably hundreds. Cheers everyone!
  3. Will there be any email notifications? Or do we have to keep checking our uozone?
  4. Waitlisted as well. B2/L2: 3.73 157 The first year class is full now. Unfortunately there will be slim chances for the majority of us. Good luck everyone!
  5. I’m getting interviewed in Toronto, but I emailed the admissions officer and she said all decisions will be made before the end of June.
  6. I think we will all be hearing back very soon. Perhaps this week!
  7. Accepted my offer this past week, congrats everyone
  8. Every practising lawyer I've talked with in the past few months (about a dozen) has said the same thing. If your grades are high, if your work ethic is strong, and if your drive is there, it really does not matter where you go to school.
  9. Thank you. I am being interviewed on June 18. My stats are 3.73 (4.3 scale) and 157
  10. I was contacted for an interview today via email. In Toronto.
  11. Thanks so much for the reply and advice. Every single Lakehead Law grad/student I have had the pleasure of talking with has said the exact same thing. Congratulations on graduating, wish you the best.
  12. Thanks. This is great advice!
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